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Zika Pesticide Sprayed In Florida Banned In Europe, May Harm Fetuses

Last month, the CDC tried to smother Puerto Rico with a pesticide called naled as a way of Zika prevent. The community, however, refused to accept the spray and even protested. You can see pictures of the protest in the image it is in the New York Times . San Juan residents clashed with the CDC and Alejandro Garcia, the governor of Puerto Rico, said the CDC to remove pesticide shipments from the country. And they did.

Florida certainly has taken a more docile in the field position. Aerial spraying has become part of the Wynwood area, considered the ground zero Zika, it looks like a war zone. And many expect the spray spread throughout the state. An article in the Miami Herald admitted that mosquitoes responsible for the spread of resistant Zika are likely to spray or hide it. In other words, the pulverization is not working. But that has not prevented residents not only to accept fumigation, but that request. Florida now has hotlines where residents can call and request a spray. And called, they certainly are. Most residents feel that the pesticide is safe for them, or that is less acceptable risk. And why should they not? The Environmental Protection Agency US (EPA) and the CDC both say NALED is perfectly fine for humans.

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On August 4, Dr. Elvia Meléndez-Ackerman, an environmental biologist at the University of Puerto Rico, wrote a letter to the governor of your state regarding the matter. It was scathing. He demanded that do not allow any spray naled. As you read above, officials relented and the ambition of the CDC refused to soak in the state of pesticides. She claims that can harm pregnant population that claims to protect.

“We have all heard of the intention to fumigate Miami with naled, and with all due respect, they are beginning to see in Florida a repeat of what we’ve been through: Public servants not read science that is before them “Meléndez-Ackerman wrote recently.

“People do not know all the risks,” she says. “This is degraded into a carcinogen. It is in the EPA documents”.

A mosquito control spokesman issued a statement on the fight against Melenda-Ackerman statement, which basically says that everything is fine.

“Miami-Dade has been using naled safely for about four decades,” says Calderon through email. “We only use during aerial spraying operations, no hand or truck spraying, CDC and [Florida Department of Health] recommendations. The insecticide is registered for use by both the EPA and [Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services]. It can only be applied by a professional licensed, which is what we do. ”


The naled pesticide is part of the organophosphate family. Many scientists and environmentalists have warned that risks to people and animals are extremely real. A 2013 National Geographic report said organophosphates attack the human nervous system. They compared it to a chemical weapon.

“It’s a painful way to die,” Emory University scientist Dana Boyd Barr exhibition told the magazine. “You end up suffocating because they are essentially paralyzed.”

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