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Zika Effects: How to Protect Your Children

Health experts have confirmed that the Zika virus is dangerous for women pregnant women and their future babies . This is because the virus can cause devastating birth defects.

The World Health Organization officially declared the Zika virus emergency public health . Zika confirmation that causes infections in the brain, such as encephalitis are a risk factor in newborns.

In adults, Zika usually cause mild symptoms, including rash, fever, joint pain or red eye. These symptoms mostly disappear within a week. Sometimes, even adults can have no symptoms at all. However, the virus can increase the risk of a rare neurological disorder known as Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) in adults, which can let paralyzed people for weeks or months, and even sometimes permanently.

In children, infants and children (over) there are few conclusions about how the virus can wreak havoc, compared with adults and unborn children.

Section of Public Health in website NPR , interviews with health experts showed that so far, the Zika virus do not pose the same risk neurological young children as it does for adults and fetuses in the womb.

A specialist in Pediatric Infectious Disease Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine at Stanford University, Dr. David Vu revealed that the danger associated with the virus in the womb is lower in children. He was quoted as saying :. “There has been no report suggesting Zika more serious causes symptoms in children or infants However, it is not known yet if long-term effects for infants and children who get Zika after birth. The research on this topic is just beginning. ”

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Another pediatric neurologist at the University of Utah, James Bale, also confirmed that there is no evidence that Zika attacks brains of children as fetuses in the womb, but however he warned that anything is possible in the future.

“Zika virus, seems to pose little or no threat to the nervous system of babies or children, when infections occur after birth. These appear to be rare in children. But we must be alert to this possibility, “said Dr. Bale.

Dr. Bale also predicted that so far, Zika increases the likelihood of GBS about five times, about 1 in 67,000 to 1 in 14,000 adults. However, he admitted that for children and babies, the risk may be lower. He said: “So far, the vast majority of patients with Zika GBS associated with the virus have been adults.”

According to a study published in the journal Lancet in February 2016 , during the outbreak of Zika virus in French Polynesia, doctors identified 41 people with SGB related to Zika. The mean age of patients was 42, while the youngest patient was 26 years old

Another study published in the journal Neuroepidemology in 2011 also confirmed that the GBS risk increases exponentially with age. 40 people have about a threefold increased risk of contracting GBS with children up to the age of 9.

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To protect their children from the virus, experts said must be protected from mosquito carrier Aedes aegytpi or yellow fever mosquito.

Therefore, if you live in an area with this type of mosquito repellent it is recommended that you use. But keep in mind, not all repellents are effective.

An expert in Pediatric Infectious Disease at the University of California Loss Angeles, Dr. Karin Nielsen recommends using repellent: “Look for ones that have a compound called picaridin in it. it lasts about 10 hours. And it is less toxic than DEET. ”

However, in case you have no other choice than DEET, look for those with 20 to 30% DEET. This is due to lower concentrations wear out faster, while higher concentrations can be toxic to children. Finally, if you suspect your child has Zika, allow the child has plenty of rest and fluids. Do not administer anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin to the child drugs. Finally, consult a doctor immediately.

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