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You’ve Been Pooping Wrong Your Entire Life.. And You Don’t Even Know About It

If you are one of Western people, then you should know that you have been POOPING the wrong way his whole life. Continue reading and find out the right way. First, it is important to mention that posture issues.

Take look at the picture and you will have idea about where you’ve been doing wrong.

Namely, as scientists Clinic pelvic floor at Stanford University explained, our bodies are created in a way that makes it more natural for you to squat while poop, instead of sitting. In fact, sitting causes hernias, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer, diverticulitis and hemorrhoids because of undue stress imparted by it.

In a 2003 study, researchers divided the subjects randomly into three groups, where each group has already received different position and then the researchers studied the results of their experiences bathroom.

Namely, the first group was seated on a lower toilet, the second group sat in a higher toilet while the third group squatted.

While people standing, the colon is tied against the puborectal muscles, but squatting allows the muscles to relax completely, providing the most natural to defecate position.

is important to mention that this theory is confirmed by standard medical text, Bockus Gastroenterology, from 1964. It is said that the squat is actually the perfect posture for defecation and thighs should be fixed in abdomen.


In case you are interested in changing the routine bath, there is a product that can help you do it easily.

The squatty potty works as a stool around your toilet and was created to enable you to get the perfect squat position for a big poop!

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