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Your stinky bug season in Texas: How to get rid of them

AUSTIN, TX – Those noisy cicadas or lobsters have left over the summer, but taking their place in the Texas landscape are those dreaded stinky insects. The creatures derive their name from the bad smell they emit as a defense mechanism that is often described as rotten cherries.

Pests first came to the US UU. In the mid or late 1990s. Today, they are found throughout the country. Insects are flat, with a shield-shaped body and antennae. Those who make contact with insects should know that the simple act of handling pests can cause them to release their unpleasant stench, so if you see one, whatever you do, don't crush it.

Fortunately, there is an easy trick to get rid of your stinky insect area. A group of researchers at Virginia Tech University found the simple solution, using a pan filled with water and a light to attract insects to their destination. Store-bought stinky insect traps can cost up to $ 50, while the homemade trap is easy to assemble and cheap. This is all you need:

Water and soap
A light to attract insects.

Simply fill an aluminum roasting dish with soap and water for dishes, and place a light on the pan to lure insects into a dark area, including interior rooms. Investigators discovered that the Virginia Tech trap eliminated 14 times more odor errors than store-bought traps.

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For those truly apprehensive when it comes to insects, this variety that can grow up to three quarters of an inch is usually directed inland for heat when it's cold. To prevent them from entering your home, seal cracks, doors, windows and any other entry point. If you see one in your home, there is a good chance that there will be more.

More mosquito squad tips:

Check for cracks around utilities, fireplaces, cladding, moldings, fascia, baseboards, extractors, lighting fixtures and moldings.
Use caulking or gaskets to close these openings.
Replace damaged or broken screens.
Look for egg masses in your garden and destroy them. Its elliptical eggs, light yellow, are in groups of 20-30 on the underside of the leaves.
Cover your chimney.
Order around the house to reduce the clutter where stinky insects can hide.

"If you find bed bugs in your home, use a store vacuum or an old vacuum to absorb them," Mosquito Squad wrote. "This will prevent them from emitting their bad smell. Be careful to use your daily vacuum cleaner, because the smell of insects can persist in a vacuum. The most effective long-term solution to get rid of smelly insects is to call professional help."

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Are smelly insects dangerous for pets?

Fortunately, stinky insects do not bite, suck blood borne diseases or cause structural damage to homes, Mosquito Squad said. But pets that enjoy chasing insects before chewing can start vomiting or drooling profusely from oral contact.

In extreme cases, Mosquito Squad adds, pets that ingest bedbugs can develop a hard mass called bezoar, a hard mass in the stomach unable to pass through the digestive tract. Consult your veterinarian if you think your cat and dog have eaten an excessive amount of these insects. The mass that can form in your stomachs may require surgery.

Apart from the unpleasantness of its unpleasant stench, there is not much to fear from the annoying pests. Most species feed on plants, absorbing moisture from the leaves, stems and roots of plants. They tend to attack seeds, nuts and fruits, including peaches, apples, tomatoes, green peppers, soybeans and nuts. Some stinky insect species are predators, but they eat other insects.

Source: https://patch.com/texas/downtownaustin/its-stink-bug-season-texas-how-get-rid-them

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