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Your Poop May Explain Why You’re Overweight


It is no secret that the billions of bacteria that live in all the time around us. When we get sick or develop a disease, bacteria are almost always the culprits. Did you know that certain bacteria are linked to obesity and overweight? According to a recent study, scientists have found a connection between excrement and types of body fat.

The study found that some people have more bacteria in their feces than others. It was found that people with greater diversity bacteria in your poop to types of healthier bodies and lower levels of visceral fat. Those with fewer bacteria in your poop were more likely to have higher levels of visceral fat.

The visceral fat may have negative effects on your health as it is around the organs such as the pancreas, liver and intestines. The highest levels of visceral fat has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease diabetes and obesity. Because visceral fat is linked to these major causes of death in the United States, it may be beneficial to examine the measurements of real people fat rather than just obtaining index of a person’s body mass index (BMI), which it is a broad measure.

Upon discovering the link between various bacteria in less stern and obesity or other risks cardiovascular this may help explain why health risks like these It runs in families. How these intestinal and fecal bacteria affect fat is still undetermined because the study was purely observational.

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Further studies ways to control obesity are needed to be done to find out. It is clear that different intestinal bacteria can influence the overall health of a person. The use of intestinal microbes (new bacteria from the intestines of a person) could eventually help lower obesity rates. Future studies may even include fecal transplants, which can completely change the gut bacteria of a person for the better. We have to wait and see what the future holds.

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