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Your Earwax Could Reveal A Lot About Your Health

Earwax can reveal a lot about your health

In addition to ear conditions such as stenosis, excessive use of cotton swabs / Q-tips, using headphones and skin aging and loss of elasticity can lead to excess ear wax! Read before choosing another Q-tip.

1. The flaky earwax

If you feel your skin and ear wax in the ear canal is dry and flaky, it could be the sign of eczema. Eczema can also occur in the ear and is also treatable. How to get rid of a flaky earwax

2. The yellow or green wax

Color normal earwax usually varies from light orange to dark brown. But if the wax is black or green or yellow, suggesting an infection. Ear infection could be triggered by various reasons such as water remaining in the ear, etc.

3. Ear wax dripping

If you find an ear wax oozing from the ear or crunchy pieces of his earwax on your earlobe or pillow, these could be symptoms of an ear infection or chronic ear disease.

4. earwax itching

If you get this need to constantly dig into the ear to relieve itching, which could be a sign that something is wrong. Itching in and around the ear canal are the sign of an infection . Try these natural remedies for earwax.

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5. The stinky earwax

may be hard to believe, but healthy ear wax does not have an odor. But if its cerumen odor, suggesting an infection.

6. The dry or dark cerumen

If you find your match and to be thicker, drier or darker than normal, it could be a sign of aging in general. With age, earwax is supposed to get drier and flakier.

If you have the persistent feeling of earwax in the canal, it could suggest that the ear canal is blocked and needs cleaning. cotton swabs or Qtips not actually clean the ear canal, instead push the cerumen in the canal, which can lead to accumulation, irritation and even damage to the ear bones

Note: Do not use cotton swabs or cotton swabs to remove ear wax, as it could cause more damage. They can be used to clean only the outer ear.

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