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Your Bra May Be Killing You – Scientists Call For Boycott Of Komen

According to Susan G. Komen Foundation and the American Cancer Society bra connection with cancer it is just a myth. However, several research studies show the opposite. Actually, there is a strong connection between these two. Wearing a bra for a longer period during the day can actually cause cancer.

Some scientists are calling for a boycott of Komen and ACS explaining that this false cover-up is costing lives.

Medical anthropologists Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer say the problem is with fasteners that reduce the flow of lymphatic fluid that results in the retention of toxins in the breast that have no outlet. They make comparison with swelling of feet and ankles that occurs during long flights because the lymphatic fluid accumulates in the legs and can not move.

The co-authors of dressed to kill :. The relationship between breast cancer and Bras Singer and Grismaijer claim that wearing a bra for more than 12 hours a day increases the risk of breast cancer

Women who sleep in their bras have a 75% chance of developing breast cancer while women wearing bra 125 24-7 are more likely to develop breast cancer than those who rarely or never using a bustier.

Harvard did a study in 1991 that showed increased greatly the incidence of breast cancer in those who use it on those who do not.


This research has shown that Susan G. Komen and the American Cancer Society, Foundation and have been aware of the investigation for at least 20 years. There are no studies that refute this. However, nowhere of their information about breast cancer is there as much as a mention that removed the bra at the end of the day can make a difference. The omission of information is what has Grismaijer Singer and so frustrated. That’s why they are “calling for a boycott of these organizations until they stop firing the bra-cancer link, and begin educating doctors and women about the risks of wearing tight bras cancer.”

Despite the limited use of tight bras can make a difference. Women wearing a bra more than 12 hours, but not to the bed, have a one in seven risk of breast cancer, but it takes less than 12 hours reduces the risk to one in 152, while cut completely It carries a one in 168 risk.

Komen and ACS could use some of his money to research this further connection and possibly prevent millions of women, however, have chosen to cover research and stone walls and trying to inform the public. While many executives Komen earn six-figure salaries, little or no money goes to research and educate the public about simple things that can make a big difference. The Inquistr reported a Komen CEO of $ 417,000 salary was paid in 2010.

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is noteworthy, too, that many studies have linked breastfeeding with a reduction of up to 50% in breast cancer, however, nowhere do public service announcements pink and campaigns fundraising say to young women this valuable information. La Leche League is the organization that has been responsible for obtaining the information, but your budget is small compared to the deep pockets of Komen and the ACA.

Singer and Grismaijer have a suggestion beyond the boycott. They propose that “every time the ACS and Komen Foundation asks for a donation, send them your bra instead! This will give the message and help prevent breast cancer at the same time.”

Reference: livingtraditionally.com

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