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Your Body is Acidic. Here is What You Need to Do (The Real Truth behind Cancer that You Will Never Hear from Your Doctor)

The real cause of cancer has been found long ago by the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg. That is, it was found that the main reason of the incidence of all cancers is actually insufficient oxygen.

This means that if the body lacks oxygen, the body will become acidic and this will accelerate the development of cancer.

Furthermore, Dr. Warburg also said that cancer cells are anaerobic, which means they can not survive in an alkaline environment (high oxygen content). Namely, without exception, “All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen. Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and can become cancerous . “

What we can do to keep our balance pH levels it is to eat a healthy balanced diet. pH balance is the balance of the cells and fluids acids and alkalis in the body. Our body needs to maintain pH levels in the blood at an alkaline level of 7.365 in order to survive.

However, modern life has made all of us, especially Americans, dangerous eat, toxic, unhealthy, and acid-forming products, including processed sugars, refined grains, transgenic, and the like. These poor eating habits cause acid pH levels harmful.

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In the case of an imbalance of the pH levels, there will be an interruption of cell functions and activities in the body.

Moreover, the levels of the slope of pH on the acidic side, it will lead t numerous health problems, ailments and illnesses from heartburn and osteoporosis to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Also, if this state body lasts for a longer period of time, the aging process also will accelerate.

In his book “The pH Miracle” Robert O. Young also claims that the main culprit in the incidence of many diseases is, in fact, the state of acidity in the body.

That is, all kinds of dangerous organisms that destroy our health, such as bad bacteria, viruses, parasites or Candida survive and multiply in an acidic state, but can not thrive in an alkaline environment.

Therefore, in order to avoid health problems and preserve your health, you need to take some steps and maintain the alkaline state of your body and balance pH levels.

Today, we will offer a fantastic natural remedy for heartburn that will help you eliminate all threats to health:


  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
  • 1/3 teaspoon baking soda

Method of Preparation:

You need to mix the ingredients until the mixture begins to bubble. Keep adding sodium bicarbonate until effervescence ceases. Then the mixture is poured into a glass of water. (8 oz)

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Drink remedy prepared everything at once. Immediately you feel its beneficial effect, especially in the case of stomach acid or acidosis.

This very effective natural remedy will create an alkaline state of your body by neutralizing pH levels, and therefore will help prevent all kinds of diseases, including cancer.

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