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You’ll want to stock up on conditioner when you learn these surprising alternative uses

Whether they’ve run their departure to regulate products or find that your conditioner works best, he was happy to learn these other 16 uses of hair conditioner.

Continue reading to learn how to make the most of the hair conditioner, in and out of your hair.

1. Cleanser -. A little touch on a cotton cloth works wonderfully

2. Cuticle softener -. Massage before enjoying a self-manicure

3. Body oil in the bathtub -. Gurl recommends a little conditioner in the bath tub for a moisturizing oil quickly and easily

4. body moisturizer – try putting conditioner on your feet and then cover them with socks. In the morning, you’ll wake to the gentle feet sandal ready recommends positive Med

5. shaving cream. -. Gurl writes for a super-close shave moisturizer, ditch cream and grab the conditioner

6. Remove the jammed Ring

7. frizz – A DAB between the fingers, rubbed on the ends of her hair loose hairs will help calm frizz.

8. The hair-tangler – Put a conditioner of nine parts water in a small spray bottle of detangler spray for quick DIY recommends Buzzfeed

9 .. “Dry Cleaning” silk clothing and wash clothes delicate – according to reader’s Digest, hair conditioner can be used to gently wash silks. Add a tablespoon at a sink full of water (hot for whites, cold for colors). Let the garment soak a few minutes before rinsing. Hang to dry.

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10. Saving sweater shrunk – Some tissues can not be shrunk with a little help of conditioner, Gurl writes. Soak the sweater shrunk for an hour in warm water with conditioner. Then the ring out and stretch gently again in the desired shape while it is flat to dry.

11. Soften fabrics – corrido fabric softener? No problem. soften makeup and brushes – works just like it does in her hair

14. Prevent rust tools – “One way to put [tools] and keep the invader rust is rub down with conditioner hair, “reader’s Digest recommends

15. unclog drains – a little conditioner down the drain can help loosen clogs. Follow the conditioner with hot water.

16. Shine stainless steel

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