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You'll Never Use Microwave Oven Again After Reading This!

Today we live in a technologically advanced world. We could label the time in which we live as the “era of technology” and the “age of radiation.”

People today are bombarded with radiation almost everything around and the most common is through Horn Microwave.

Microwave ovens seem to be an absolute necessity in the fast paced world of today. However, after reading this, we are sure you will think twice before using the microwave again.

Experts say that no one should be the use of microwave ovens.

This is especially true if you are a baby, a child, if you are pregnant, already suffering from illness and disease, or who are already bombarded with more radiation than the average person.


You may suffer from “Disease microwave”

Unfortunately, radiation does not disappear with time, in fact, only accumulates.

Tissues directly exposed to microwaves are subject to the same deformities. Although non-ionizing radiation is not strong enough to alter the structure of atoms, it is still capable of causing physical alterations.

People may experience any or all of the following after being exposed to high levels of microwave radiation.

Loss of antioxidants

Microwave ovens basically destroy the antioxidants found in foods, which significantly increases the risk of heart attack and cholesterol.

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* Loss of nutrients

It is well known that microwave ovens destroy the taste of food and therefore result nutrient loss.


The microwave electromagnetic fields affect the brain, causing damage, and therefore cause sleep disturbances and insomnia.


Fatigue and obesity are another problem caused by microwave ovens.

* Cancer

Last but not least, the microwave radiation accumulates in the body, becoming a factor of risk for cancer.

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