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You Want to Know What Are Primary Causes Of Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is very common diseases in recent years. That affects many women, and the signal for the prevention of breast cancer is well informed about the factors that may contribute to the development of breast cancer. This article will provide some of the reasons for breast cancer.

Two things that every modern woman is not wearing a bra and use of antiperspirants and exactly these two things are considered to cause breast cancer.

The essential ingredient of all antiperspirants is aluminum that blocks the natural process of detoxification. However, while avoiding the bad smell by blocking and clogging of the pores increases the risk of breast cancer. The reason for this is that the body releases toxins through sweat and avoid sweating avoiding the detoxification of the body.

You Want to Know What Are Primary Causes Of Breast Cancer

Another thing is that the metal we apply on our skin is absorbed and obtained through the pores of our body. It’s even worse if applied antiperspirant after shaving, as it is easier for the skin to absorb metal.

A research conducted recently confirmed. Many breast cancers have been found to contain a high concentration of parabens, one that is consistent in chemic deodorants and considered that mimic estrogen in the body.

One more thing that is considered to contribute to the development of cancer is bra.

The researchers conducted a survey which concluded that the use of a tight-fitting bra can be a reason for breast cancer development. The bra that is too tight can cut the lymphatic drainage and disrupt the body ‘s discretion toxins. Thus, the body will be accumulates many toxins.

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Medical anthropologists Sydney Singer and Soma Grismaijer wrote a book called “Dressed to Kill; The relationship between breast cancer and Bras” which talks about the correlation of breast cancer and bras. They also conducted a survey for this purpose in which 4,000 women who confirmed his statement about the correlation included.

This is what they concluded after Poll:

The chances of women wearing bras 24 hours to the development of cancer are 3 out of 4, and 1 in 7 for those who use 12 hours.

And for those who had less than 12 hours, the risk drops to 1 in 52, and the small number of women who never used the odds are 1 in 168.

from this he concluded that women who wear bras 24 hours a day had sometimes 125 times higher breast cancer development than those who do not use it at all.

They even 33 times more likely to develop cancer from cigarette smoking, although considered as the main factor of all cancers.

In another study in Japan revealed that the fastener decreases by 60% melatonin level in the organs that known to have anti-cancer activities.

source: feelhealthylife.com

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