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You Should Always Urinate After Making Love – Here‘s The Reason Why


If you want to experience complete pleasure with his beautiful partner, be careful with your sexual health.The best way to protect your body and help fight infections it is to urinate right after sex.

Once the sexual act, many different germs and bacteria enter the body, whish bladded increases the risk of infections.

Experts recommend highly urinate after having sex because it seems that this is one of the most common reasons for urinary tract infections.

Moreover, medical explains that female ejaculation does not occur through the urethra, which means that urination is the only way to eject substances or particles remained. That’s why urinate after having sex is highly recommended.

However, you do not have to run to urinate, it is preferable to do 45 minutes after having sex.

Next to urinate after having sex, the best way to protect yourself from infections and sexually transmitted disease is the use of a condom. Note that many infections can cause serious health problems, so protect yourself as best you can.

Personal hygiene is also very important, as proper hygiene keep you safe from urinary tract infections.

This is especially important for women suffering from cystitis. They have to wash your vagina with warm water and soap neutral pH.

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