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You Only Need To Press THIS POINT On Your Stomach To Getting Rid Of All Toxins In Your Colon

Many people suffer from constipation, and despite trying different treatments and consume food that is supposed to help, it still gives no positive results. That’s why everyone needs to know one of the acupressure points over special functions of the body called CV 6, and commonly known as pulse button. You can make a great healing itself and others – if you know the location of the point of CV 6.

Stimulating this point will help to strengthen the internal condition of the body, especially the collon, sexual urinary reproductive system the immune system, which will help you increase your ability to heal itself, etc.

PRESS THIS POINT IN YOUR BELLY to remove pounds of toxins from your colon

As mentioned above, consitpation affects many people, no matter how old they are. It may mean that you are not passing stools regularly or is not able to completely empty your bowels.

If you are one of those people, they do not reach laxatives immediately. Dr Michael Reed Gach, acupressure therapist explains that works poop reactivating the healing processes of your body button. An important part of healing is to get rid of waste.

How to fix constipation using BUTTON MOMENTUM

  1. In order to find this place, it is necessary to measure three fingerwidhts ” just below its belly button. If it hurts, reduce the pressure.
  2. As you press down, you need to focus on taking deep breaths.
  3. You must press the point until you feel the need to poop. It can take as little as ten seconds, or until three minutes
  4. Do not hold for more than five minutes
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Note: .. Pregnant women should be very soft and should use the palm of your hand instead of your fingers.

Dr. Michael explains that this point is also beneficial for all kinds of sexual problems for both men and women. The abdominal muscles are often tense during sex, which can block the flow of sexual energy.

can relieve abdominal tension, strengthen the urinary and reproductive systems and increase intimacy and pleasure pressing CV 6 and acupressure point around it.

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