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You Often Do These Mistakes While Cooking Without Knowing That They Can Be Harmful For Your Health!

Each person is special and common way to prepare food. Very often, it is based on habits and not spontaneous processes that can adversely affect health. These habits are actually causing certain diseases and the development of bacteria.

In order to protect yourself and your loved ones to start practicing these following advise:

  1. wash their hands during cooking – clean hands are a guarantee for good health, we all know the importance of washing hands, but they do not practice this often. Before preparing food, wash your hands with soap. Moreover, it is advisable to wash occasionally during cooking, especially when raw meat touched. Before preparing the vegetables, for sure, wash hands with soap.
  2. thaw meat – most people their meat is defrosted on the kitchen table, which is actually a big mistake, because, bacteria can multiply quickly at room temperature and can remain in the surface. Thaw in the refrigerator or in a bowl of cold water. In addition, the microwave oven can help.
  3. Wash the meat -. Washing the meat in the kitchen sink is not hygienic because the bacteria are retained on the surface
  4. basting on the surface of the kitchen -. The marinated meat is equally risky and harmful as thawing due to the same reasons
  5. The separation of raw meat processed meat – whenever raw, boiled or baked is prepared to use variety of containers. Never put cooked meat in a container where it was raw, no matter how long you have it washed. The same goes with seafood.
  6. uneven heating of food – often happens when the meat is heated unevenly that can be left in a “cold zone”. This cold zone can develop harmful bacteria. Therefore, before each heating the food, always distribute the amount and if necessary add some water and stirred constantly. Cover the pot with a lid or aluminum foil because that water vapor will remain inside and ensures heat treatment of food.
  7. Cooling the food before placing it in the refrigerator – most people think before putting food in the refrigerator first have to cool it. Well, this is a big mistake because hot food leave room temperature inside is just perfect invitation for bacteria. In the food can be spoiled quickly can develop bacteria in less than 2 hours unless the food is in the refrigerator. Still, the boiled and hot food that is made in the present moment should not be put in the refrigerator due to heat discharge can damage the other food. It is recommended to cool down faster in cold water or put in a new container and placed in the coldest spot in the home. In this way you can lower the temperature and the faster you can put it in the refrigerator.
  8. Freeze foods with potatoes – Fresh potato or foods that are prepared from that should not be frozen because the temperature below 0 starch turns into sugar and becomes harmful. Wooden boxes that are placed in dark and dry rooms are ideal for storage. This will prevent germination, which attracts all the nutrients from it.
  9. heating and baked potato – potato that has already been processed heat should not be heated because then all the nutritional properties is lost. Also, when being heated again, potato emissions many heavy metals such as toxic solanine decomposing proteins in the body. Nutritionists recommend that you should consume cooled potatoes.
  10. Use as adobo sauce – Note that the adobo sauce can be used as well only if previously boiled before consumption. Although it seems economic, bacteria from raw meat can spoil the food.
  11. Food that is much at room temperature -. The food kept at room temperature longer than 2 hours is dangerous to eat well, store it in the refrigerator
  12. unwashed fruit – Pesticides fruits can be easily transmitted on hands and surfaces so before deciding to make a fruit salad, soak the fruit in a bowl with water and left for a few minutes.

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