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Yoga Poses for Kids and Their Benefits

Yoga is the ultimate form of exercise. The practice of yoga is not only physical benefits, but also has very good effects on the mind and emotions of one.

There is a huge variety of postures and yoga asanas and countless variations with many advantages. Many times, it feels like Yoga is complicated to carry out; the truth is that yoga can be practiced by everyone and even more difficult asanas seeking can be performed with high levels of concentration.

Although many asanas can not be performed when one suffers from pain, disorders and problems; they can always be replaced by attitudes that have the same effects on the body-that is the magical power of knowledge of yoga.

There is a misconception that yoga is only for adults or adults. In the true sense, yoga is as important for children as for adults. In fact, the practice of yoga at a young age has many benefits for the growing child.

Kids Yoga is a set of basic yoga exercises that children can do easily and have fun while doing it. Children do not have strong bodies like adults so they can not perform all the exercises in Yoga. However, there are many yoga poses that children can perform without being damaged. Yoga postures for children are designed to provide the benefits of yoga while improving the preparation of the bodies and souls better. Yoga is the practice of knowledge, after all!

Benefits of yoga poses for children

Yoga poses for kids are easy to make and easy to understand. Yoga at an early age will give a child the right start to start exercises. Yoga, as mentioned before, has a very positive effect on physical, mental and emotional aspects of a person. Yoga has many benefits that have proven ideal for the healthy growth of children. Yoga postures for children ensure adequate physical activity, therefore, strengthen the child’s body. asanas play an important role in providing a good sleep and adequate rest for the body.

maintains an active child throughout the day, making room for more gripping power and learning. In addition to these important benefits, yoga postures for children also help growth, maintain weight and stay healthy in general.

Some of the Yoga poses more beneficial for children

yoga postures for children are structured so that they do not take a toll on the body of a child. Many yoga asanas are difficult to perform and a child may initially find difficult. Children are not very strong, but they have lots of energy and natural flexibility that can sustain through the practice of Yoga.

Some of the Yoga poses more beneficial to children are targeted as follows:

Bridge Pose:

  • Lie on your back with knees bent and looking up
  • Both hands must touch the heels
  • Now, placing the back of his head firmly to the ground and pick up your torso up
  • Lift your hips as high as possible, but be sure to keep your heels with your hands
  • the portion from the knees to the neck presented as a slide
  • children with back problems or neck, or lesions should avoid performing this yoga pose
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Benefits: this yoga pose is good for increasing height and also to work the muscles of the back and hip. It also strengthens the neck and upper back.

Label Treatment:

  • Sit on the Sukhasana raise
  • Keeping our spine straight
  • Join Hands (Namaskar ) and raise them above the head
  • This is a very simple pose that can be done by anyone

Benefits: attitude This yoga is very simple but, when done while you breathe deeply, which allows excellent circulation of blood. Also improves the ability of the blood in carrying oxygen. Good concentration, focus, active body, etc., are some of its main benefits.

pose Vela:

  • Lie on your back with hands holding her lower back
  • Raise the lower back and place your elbows down while his hands still hold his waist
  • Raise both feet up. You must have the support of their hands in lifting the whole body
  • Make sure your neck is kept firmly on the ground
  • Children with neck problems should avoid doing this asana yoga

Benefits: This asana strengthens the respiratory system and ensures proper blood circulation to the brain. the neck of a child is strengthened and also plays an important role in ensuring a good sleep.

pose Mountain

  • Stand erect with wide legs shoulders
  • The spine should be straight, while her hands are placed firmly on the side
  • Now he stands on the toes as you slowly lift your hands up
  • Stretching hands as high as possible, it is important to keep hands parallel to each other
  • children who have cramps or muscle tears should avoid this asana

Benefits: Attitude this yoga is one of the best exercises they give you a straight, strong and aligned back. In other words, the perfect posture is obtained. It strengthens and extends to almost every muscle in your body to help increase your height.

pose tree

  • Stand erect, with feet wide shoulders
  • Raise both hands and join them at the top of the crown (Namaskar)
  • Bend your left leg inward and place it in his right groin
  • Do not go on your toes. Hold the stretch up
  • Children with groin problems should avoid this

Benefits: This asana improves balance and strengthens muscles legs. It also strengthens the ligaments and tendons of the extremities. This asana stretches the back and sides of reach upper body providing for better height.

pose Warrior II:

  • Divide legs apart until there is a considerable distance between them
  • Bend the left knee and turn the ankle in the direction of the knees
  • the other leg should remain straight
  • Open hands wide, parallel to the ground and face the direction of the bend
  • knee

  • children with back problems have to do this with low intensity

Benefits: Stretches the groin, chest, hip flexors, lower back, shoulders and neck leg muscles. It stimulates the abdominal organs and indirectly helps them stay healthy and functioning in a better way.



  • Stand straight with legs slightly apart
  • Raise both hands up and back Arco arrived the vast majority of the tip on the back of
  • Hold for two or three seconds
  • Now bend down and touch your fingertips to your toes
  • be careful not to bend your knees while performing this
  • children who have back problems, muscle tears, etc., should avoid performing this Yoga pose
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benefits: Excellent pose to increase height. This position stretches the back, calf, hamstring, thigh, upper body and neck muscles.


  • straight feet, raises his left hand up
  • Dropping the neck to the right side, arch the upper body to the right
  • You can bend your elbows for better stretch
  • children with shoulder problems and injuries should avoid this

Benefits: operates the neck and chest of the body portion extends. It spreads to the shoulders, triceps and muscles around your armpit. In general, this position helps strengthen arms and provide a good stretch for the growth of the upper body.


  • This is a fun pose that has a bit of joy too. This exercise needs to be carried out by a couple of kids together.
  • Sit facing a partner at a considerable distance
  • knees should be initially bent
  • Now, every child should raise his / her legs and join it with him / her partners leg, air
  • When both plants are in contact with others, children should put their hands forward and hold them
  • the pressure must be applied in plants so that a good stretch
  • get

  • children with hamstring injury should not do this

Benefits: This yoga pose for children improves resistance . lower back, works the leg muscles, especially above the knees to strengthen them

Surya Namaskar for children:

we all know that Surya Namaskar is a unique set of yoga postures that stretch all the muscles of the body. Surya Namaskar for children can play an important role in the development of the rights of children from an early age.

All 12 poses of this set of exercises are very beneficial in maintaining flawless performance of internal organs. distance diseases are maintained and strengthened the body from within.

Children should do these yoga postures for kids regularly from an early age because their bodies are flexible when they are young. practice early remain flexible and strong entering adulthood, building a foundation for a healthy life.

The practice of Surya Namaskar regularly at a young age become a habit for young minds and they will start doing it as a daily task.

yoga postures for children are easy to perform exercises that children can enjoy and run freely. The realization of these asanas at an early age is very beneficial because it acts as a base on which you can live a healthy life. By adulthood comes the time, the body of a person loses flexibility and fitness due to lack of exercise. To maintain flexibility and energy levels as in the child, practicing yoga regularly is essential as it can ensure a healthy life.

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