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Yoga Pose of the Day – Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Triangle Pose is one of the most commonly used postures yoga. By doing the pose, a way of stretching muscles of the legs and arms triangle is formed; hence the name ‘Triangle Pose.’You need to start standing up on the mat in a position of mountain first. Then keep the two separated by a distance of about 3.5 to 4 feet …

Triangle Pose is one of yoga most commonly used poses . By doing the pose, forming a shape of a triangle stretching muscles of the legs and arms; hence the name “Triangle Pose.”

You need to start by standing on the mat in a mountain position first. Then keep both separated by a distance of about 3.5 to 4 feet feet. Turn your right foot forward and left by a few inches to maintain balance and avoid stretching the muscles. Then inhale deeply and exhale while bending down on his right side with an outstretched arm and his fingers pointing down. Allow the left arm raised above his head, while bending down you should try to keep a straight waist. Keep both arms straight as you bend, this helps to stretch the sides.

support the right hand on your right shin and turn your head to the left. Then look lightly on his left hand that stretched above his head. You should keep that head to an easy level to avoid neck pain. It is important to maintain both the line, the shoulder line. Level the weight on both feet. Make sure your chest is open and stretched along his body while bending to one side.

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inhale deeply and exhale every time. In the same movement, straighten your body gradually and reach the initial standing position.

The position helps strengthen thighs and pelvic muscles and strengthens them you inhale and exhale while providing good amounts of oxygen. . The design of the pose is such that both regulates blood pressure together with the oxygen level

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