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Yoga For Weight Loss

Weight loss is something that millions of people around the world worry about every day. There are a lot of weight loss tips and tricks around the Internet, and can be difficult to know what solutions are healthy, effective, or even safe. Many people look for the easy way, the adoption of crash diets, unhealthy diets, or even eating disorders. However, if you are serious about losing weight, there is a way to do that is not only good for the body, but is also good for the mind, soul and spirit.

Yoga for weight loss is an increasingly popular method and used by many people worldwide. There are a number of yoga poses (also known as “asanas” ) that specifically observed to affect the body’s metabolism, blood flow, and general operation leading to weight loss. One of the best parts about using yoga for weight loss is that it is an aerobic exercise , like running cycling , or swimming .

Therefore, yoga helps in weight loss as a basic exercise, but more importantly, yoga sessions leave practitioners in peace, with a clear mind, regulated breathing and balanced metabolism. As a real exercise, it is very valuable, but there are specific positions that are ideal for weight loss.


Let’s explore some of these more specific methods of using yoga for weight loss.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Ardha Chandraasana

This position is especially good for tone your stomach and handles love. It is also very good for your buttocks, thighs and waist. Since these are some of the biggest areas of concern for people who are overweight, this particular pose is very important to add to your yoga routine. This is accomplished they pose standing with feet together and raising his hands above his head, pointing skyward. Slowly tilt from side to side with hands raised while exhaling. You feel that stretches from mid-thigh to finish at your fingertips will feel. Repeat the pose on both sides of your body. It could definitely help you lose weight and tighten those loose areas.

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This position is also called the pose chair , and requires a lot of concentration , the focus and core strength. As you become stronger and more balanced, you will be able to hold the pose longer. It is especially good for toning your core, flatten your stomach, lose excess fat from the thighs, buttocks and toning. You can accomplish this posture raising his hands over his head, and then bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. In addition, lean your torso forward and maintain balance for as long as possible. You see inches melt away and tone muscles in all the right places.


This asana is also known as the Tree pose , and is one of the best of the abdominal muscles and thighs and arms. This is accomplished pose standing on one leg and lift the other foot against the thigh standing. Stretch your arms up and puts his hands together. This can be very difficult for those struggling with balance. At first, do not try to bring the heel to the end, focus on the mastery of breathing and balance. As they become more capable, you can increase the height of your foot and subsequent / effectiveness difficulty of the pose.

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Surya Namaskar

This could be the process more important for weight loss yoga, because it is actually a succession of different asanas, which involves a progression constant stretching forward and backward, helping to regulate breathing, change sympathy to the sympathetic nervous system and stimulate circulation in the body. In addition, by combining a series of asanas, you can actually get a full body workout, making this one of the best techniques. Adequate Surya Namaskar should be practiced carefully and perhaps under the watchful guidance of a yoga instructor.

Although different asanas that can affect the body dozens, these are some of the most effective. However, if you want to use yoga as a management technique steady weight loss, then the best thing to do is learn from a yoga instructor properly before attempting to master the poses and processes on their own. There are yoga studios in almost all major cities around the world, particularly in India , which is the birthplace of yoga. Weight loss does not have to be on crash diets and pointless exercise, can be a spiritual and enlightening journey if you choose to do yoga a part of it.

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