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Wrong Ways to Wash your Hair

There are many beauty tips and care, but often when we have a healthy look and beauty, habits and neglect basic personal hygiene practices. Washing your hair involves some rules.

If you have tried all possible preparations, and nothing has helped you, you’re doing something wrong.

Wash hair

Oily hair is one of the most common problems in maintaining clean hair and arranged, and creates difficulties in forming common mistakes it.Some hide in stressful lifestyles and poor nutrition and unfairly treated hair.

When the soft hair they want to be touched. However, dandruff and dry scalp can also be a problem.

There are some errors during washing your hair

Error 1 – less washing hair -. Wash your hair every time if you think it is necessary

Error 2 – wash your hair every time you take a bath-is wrong. Just try to jump shampoo every day and you will not have drier hair.

should refrain from washing your hair every day. too frequent washing with shampoo stimulates fat secretion .

Increased amount of shampoo does not mean that your hair will be cleaner but quite the opposite.

Error 3 – rub the scalp -. If you want to prevent hair damage and breakages be softer and washing

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Error 4 -. Wash your hair with warm water wash hair with hot water only decrease more fat and give unwanted results such as oily hair

Error 5 – use too many types of shampoos – is important to use a shampoo designed for your hair type . If you have any problems (dry oily hair,), then it is best to use a gentle baby shampoo.

baby shampoos do not contain harsh chemicals that can damage the scalp or hair like some other shampoos.

Error 6 – pouring shampoo too – is well known the amount of shampoo that we use. But many do not know the amount required. Put a small drop in hand, about ¼ teaspoon full, and apply on hair.

Error 7 – towel and rub the hair -. When finished washing your hair use a soft towel because wet hair is more fragile than dry

Error 8 – Brush your hair -. not brush hair during washing to prevent breakage

Error 9 -. You do not do enough to soak you hair

Error 10 – the entire head with shampoo

Error 11 – Conditioner is for hair – do not apply on the scalp. Gently move your fingers only on the length of hair. For oily hair is not required air.


Instead of using a conditioner, maybe you can try applying cider vinegar mixed with water, let stand for ten minutes and then wash.

Error 12 -. Combing her hair Be careful to choose the type of hair comb as a more likely inadequate if used is that hair damage

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