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World’s Fittest Grandma Bodybuilder Just Celebrated Her 80th Birthday!

oldest female bodybuilder

Despite what many people will tell you, bodybuilding is not only for adjustment and young: you can learn at any age

Take Ernestine Shepherd as an example..

Born in 1936 (making her 80 years old!), Ms. Shepherd is the oldest female bodybuilder competition.

Instead of wasting away in a care center for elderly and stuffing your body with prescription pills, Ernestine go to the gym almost every day ( 1 ).

But she was not always addicted to fitness, in fact most of her life, Mrs. Sheperd was a school secretary out of shape. At 56 years old, Ernestine started going to the gym with her sister to support each weight loss efforts than others.

After his sister died suddenly of a brain aneurysm, Sheperd stopped going to the gym, developed hypertension and depressed. I had to do something to improve your life, and fast!

After the match was over, Ernestine picked herself again and went back into the gym. After regular strength training, he decided at the ripe age of 71 to try bodybuilding. Within seven months, Mrs. Sheperd had entered his first competition of body building.

Now the Guinness world record holder wakes up at 3 am every morning, running 80 miles a week, and a clean grain diet without a lot of chicken, eggs and vegetables eaten. In addition, Ernestine lifts weights and even works as a certified personal trainer at your gym.

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Ernestine swears he has no aches or pains and she did not take any medication. Their good habits and positive attitude have even caught her husband of 52 years, now accompanies her on her morning runs.

What makes forward is the bike that lives: Determined – Dedicated – Disciplined to be fit

And Ernestine is not only improving his own life: she has inspired other women your community to get into the gym and get moving

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