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World Mental Health Day 2014: Expert diet tips to prevent mental health problems

There are about 20 million indigenous people, according to statistics from the World health Organization (wHO), who are suffering from mental health problems. Most common mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, related mood disorders are influenced by external factors around us and the way we live our lives. Some of these can easily be avoided if changes are made in our lifestyle. The role of diet on mental health has been investigated for a long time, with the evidence suggesting a close relationship between diet and mental health problems.

Can changes in diet to prevent mental health problems?

Yes, to some extent. We are what we eat. So certainly, the food options you choose affect your mood, the ability of cognitive ability and mental wellbeing. common mental health problems such as depression, schizophrenia and dementia are not directly linked to food, but there is quite a lot of evidence that a diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins play a crucial role in accelerating the process neuronal regeneration, says diet expert Tina Khanna.

Here are some tips that offers tips to improve mental health and prevent mental disorders.

  • Incorporate foods of different colors on the plate. The more the colors of the richest in antioxidants receive their meals, which helps in healing damaged nerve cells.
  • green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, beets, Granada, eggs, soy and herbs are some foods that allow holistic healing mind.
  • Eggs are a source of choline, another important nutrient that is involved in the transmission of neuronal messages.
  • Make sure your diet is rich in protein. Proteins release “feel good hormones’ (seretonin) in the body.
  • Reduce intake of carbohydrates, such as carbohydrates tend to spike blood sugar levels, and can actually make you exhausted and depressed. Although sugar is a pick-up time, but the letdown following is depressed.
  • Alcohol has the same effect. therefore avoid drinking.
  • sometimes , low calcium levels can also affect the mental well-being. So calcium levels tested. according to Jeetika, Theta Healer to Desidieter.com calcium supplements can improve capabilities making a person with low self-esteem decision.
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