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Woman shares a brilliant trick on how to get rid of fruit flies

The trick of a woman to get rid of fire flies has been to help people get rid of annoying creatures in their homes.

Dublin's mother shared a photo on Facebook of flies at home.

She captioned the image: "Is anyone else receiving these horrible little things? I have no fruit and I'm getting them, disgusting."

He encountered a flurry of comments from people who felt the same about the flies.

People said that despite having fruit in the refrigerator or having nothing in the house, they were still plagued by the presence of annoying creatures, reports RSVP Live.

The mother of one told how "in the first half hour he had captured more than twenty", and noted that from there they only spent a few hours before they left their home completely.

Tina noticed that her kitchen and home, like many people this summer, had been devastated by annoying flies, despite having no fruit.

An image of flies trapped in a cup.

Then, to combat the situation, he took a couple of cups of tea, apple cider vinegar and apple cider vinegar and went to work.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar have been known for a long time, however, this new use for things could be the best so far.

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Tina filled the tea cups with apple cider vinegar and placed an adhesive film on top.

Then he made holes large enough for small flies to pass through the film layer.

Flies that are attracted to sweetness cannot stay away. Soon they fly through the holes and get instantly caught in the sticky vinegar.

Tina said that in a matter of hours her kitchen and her home were once again free of the annoying houseflies.

She said: "She is working such happy days."

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