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Why You Should Use Conditioner Before Shampoo?!?

The `s common knowledge that we use shampoo, first, and then use the conditioner. It is the right way to use? All you need to do is change the traditional washing! See for yourself!


If you have fine or oily hair, that ‘s the perfect way to wash. First, wet the hair, then apply the conditioner, concentrating almost exclusively on the ends of hair, just a little at the roots. To stay about 2-5 minutes. After rinsing, apply shampoo and wash well.

This backwash blast off all the conditioner from the roots. With the traditional method the air is never removed, which makes your hair look greasy after a few hours.

These are the advantages of using the shampoo conditioner before

  • Your hair will be volumes
  • You`ll get the necessary hydration! Most experts believe that hair care is better to use this method in the summer due to dried hair during the summer.
  • You will get healthy hair, which means that the hair treatments are increasingly deep nourish the hair and increase its lifespan.

NOTE 1: If damaged or dry hair is better to use normal washing. Also avoid applying conditioner on the roots.

NOTE 2: The backwash doesn`t go pretty well with each shampoo. There are conditioners that are specially designed for the backwash

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