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Why you should never drink iced water!

In accordance drinking ice water can be very painful and yet many people do it consistently. It really messes with digestive body ‘s capabilities.

that prevents your body to properly digest food and drinks.

all have the habit of drinking cold drinks after or during a meal, but we must bear in mind that it can really slow down our body’s own digestive functions.

drinking cold drinks, your body has to use energy to heat the liquid inside your body. That energy is indeed necessary for proper digestive functions.


What happens when you drink cold water
Cold drinks reduce blood vessels, slow digestion and prevent hydration of your body.

body is working in the temperature regulation rather than absorb nutrients from food and this leads to water loss.

Drinking cold water also affects the immune system. Drinking cold water after a creates excess mucus in the body and is capable of weakening the functions of your immune system and make it more prone to colds and diseases food.

Water temperature fat food you just eat if you eat solidifies while consumption of cold drinks or just after making it difficult to digest unnecessary fats in our body.

Many people think that drinking cold water can be good for burning calories, but they are completely wrong because cold water makes it more difficult for the digestive system to function properly.

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all know that there are other ways to burn calories.
Benefits of drinking hot water

  • breaks down food more easily
  • faster and body adequate hydration
  • stimulation of natural digestive enzymes and improves digestion
  • maintains regular bowel movement (eg hot water with lemon in the morning)
  • Increases the body’s natural detoxification through skin, kidneys and lymphatic system, and purifies the blood, so

you will notice great improvement of digestive functions, and general well-being if you start to drink hot water regularity.

People have even reported reducing their sugar level!. Blood

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