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Why you should add prebiotics to your diet


What are prebiotics?
Prebiotics are certain types of vegetable fiber that help the good bacteria in your intestines grow and improve good to bad bacteria relationship. These nondigestible fibers are decomposed and flora in the gut. Research has shown that good bacteria can improve overall health and mental well-being.

natural food sources of prebiotics
Prebiotics can be found in a number of plant sources, the best are:
Gum arabic ( or Arabic) rubber: also called Gond of India, this is used in Gond laddoos which are widely consumed across India. This is also used as a binding agent in a number of foodstuffs. You can crush some crystals rubber into a powder and add to smoothies; raw chicory root: Also called Kasni, this would be available in stores Ayurveda. The root is dried and ground and used as coffee substitute. Some brands of instant coffee added chicory; Raw garlic; raw leeks; raw or cooked onions; raw jicama: also called shankalu / mishirkhand, this is consumed as a fruit in eastern India and is easily accessible; raw asparagus; unripe bananas; raw, isabgol honey; and whole grain wheat.

Health benefits of prebiotics
A diet rich in prebiotics associated with lower risk of heart disease, healthy cholesterol levels, a healthy intestine and better digestion, increased immunity, lower inflammation, reduce stress levels and better mental health.

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