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Why You Need To Avoid Antibiotics When You Are Dealing With Ear Infections

By the time the child vallegar to its 3 rd birthday, which had already suffered at least once from an ear infection – this is what these statistics provided by the Department of Health and Human Services US says. You this, but is it real? really has his son was suffering from an ear infection or queel pain is due to another condition? And, most importantly, they are the only antibióticosmanera to cure this condition? Somosvamos to find out together! Why children are more likely ainfecciones ear? Children are prone to orejainfecciones, compared with adults and this costs the health system in the United States nearly $ 3 billion each year. Moreover, it makes parents anxious, to see his son endolor. When you check the statistics, ear infections will are the másrazones why doctors prescribe common to children under 12 deedad antibiotics, which is definitely not a big fact.

Before we discovered by quelos antibiotics are not the best treatment for ear infection it you need to know why likely to develop this condition niñosson. In adults, the ear canal, called the Eustachian tube is tilted, making it easier for the liquid in them lymph nodes to drain off ear. In children, the channel is shorter yrecta, which prevents the liquid from draining. The fluid accumulates in elganglios nodes and travels back to the ear, putting pressure on the eardrum, which swells, leading to pain. If the fluid fails to drain itself is infected, such as bacteria and viruses can interact fácilmentecon throat that. A simple cold can lead to an ear infection and bottle feeding, allergies, exposure to smoking and concretosensibilidades child. Most parents overlook treatment of ear infection at home and rush the child to lamédico, which has prescribed antibiotics. This is not a good approach. Why antibiotics are not lamejor treatment for ear infection? To determine whether the antibióticosson the best treatment for an ear infection laestadísticas you need to check again. CDC says that 99% of children who come to the doctor with a orejainfección prescribe antibiotics; However, 88% of children who develop unainfección ear alone improve, helped by ear infection home treatments.
The use of antibiotics in orejainfecciones is often unnecessary, since, as we have seen, some of these infections soncausada by viruses, which do not react to antibiotics. Even esosinfecciones caused by bacteria first be allowed to heal themselves, because the use of antibiotics first hand is now leading a side perturbadorefecto :. causes bacteria to develop new varieties resistant to antibiotics


An article ConsumidorInforme explains suchas antibiotics in ear infections may actually cause more ear infections, so you permitebacterias stronger to develop within ear!

This is why the AAP I tienedesarrollado a new approach to ear infections, based on the principle of waiting “Yver”.

The approach of “wait and see” approach to ear infections is the best solution the new approach AAP is not new – it was developed in 2014 – but only today the ypadres doctors are taking little little, as antibiotics are understood to serevitar in treatment for ear infection. This concept lotesde wonders patience from parents, as well as by the physician. AAP asesoralos parents to wait and see how your child’s condition is evolving. Unless queel child has more than 102 degrees of fever and severe symptoms of rhinorrhea ydolor ear, you should not call the doctor for a prescription antibióticos.Esperar 48 hours to see how the condition of the child evolves is a sure way decurar any ailment, especially ear infections. This is because the doctor necesitapara ensure that there is an infection in the patient before prescribing cualquiertratamiento. Tests, such as crops ear swabs are the only way to discover porseguro whether there is an infection and if you are sensitive to antibiotics. Are you really trying witha ear infection? This is the question principalque need to answer before you rush to the doctor for a prescription of antibióticos.La most of the time, the child does not even have an infection, but because a hisopoprueba is the only way to find out, the doctor simply over-diagnose the child. In the case of an ear realinfección, the side of the head will swell and this redness, fever and ear pus pacienteserá run. However, if these síntomasno are present, a painful ear may be a sign of fluid buildup or dentición.Estos are just two simple examples, but any discomfort he feels for his son inthe ear can be a symptom of a completely different disease, not an infection. This is why it is mejoresperar and see: within 48 hours, they are safe to wait. You can make a test and check hisopode pain, redness and swelling are reduce Porsi same. Education and informaciónson key in these situations: parents are anxious, because nobody says esfácil to see his son in pain, but if they are informed on deantibióticos effects and the fact that they do not relieve the child’s pain, which serádispuesto to wait and see what happens. Only when everyone, tantomédico and parents have the written test is a orejainfección must resort to antibiotics. Until then, yremedios home treatments work well to relieve pain and malaise. professional content writer in Ear Doc
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