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Why smoking may prevent dementia, according to researchers

found that the addictive drug of snuff in the halls of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s that people get older.

claim nicotine suppresses appetite and possibly even offers anti-aging benefits.

Experts said more clinical trials should be conducted before people start to light a cigarette to stay healthy, but insist that “we must not completely rule out nicotine.”

A research team led by Dr. Ursula Winzer-Serhan uses animals to study how nicotine added to drinking water affected food intake.

Animals in three groups received high doses of nicotine corresponding to the occasional, low and lower middle, middle and high smoking.

A control group did not receive the drug. The researchers found that the groups receiving low doses and half did not show drug levels in the blood and no change in food intake or body weight.

However, the group that received the most ate less, gained less weight and had more receptors in the brain by which nicotine acts.

This group of animals also underwent behavioral side effects such as increased anxiety.

Dr. Winzer-Serhan, associate professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Texas professor, said.. “Some people say that nicotine reduces anxiety, so people smoke Others say it increases anxiety Fortunately , no evidence of anxiety was found. in any case, nicotine made animal models less anxious. “

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the team is now testing potential anti-aging properties of nicotine as the first results indicate that nicotine can keep older people from obtaining eight.

However, the team is still determining whether the lower body mass index (BMI) results in less degeneration of the brain and also unknown whether the drug also has other effects.

Dr. Winzer-Serhan said. “I want to make it very clear that we are not encouraging people to smoke

” Even if there were no preliminary results, results smoking in many health problems that any possible benefits of nicotine would be more than canceled.

“However, smoking is only one possible route of drug administration and our work shows that no gains nicotine completely and losses.

” We have not shown that this addictive drug is safe and certainly not during childhood or adolescence. “

the study was published in the journal of Toxicology.

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