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Why should not eat yogurt at night, due to Ayurvedic Learn

Why you should not eat yogurt at night, due to the Learn ayurvedic

Curd At Night
Well yogurt is beneficial for everyone, but dinner should be avoided, according to Ayurveda. Yogurt at night Kapha dosha in the body increases. Ayurveda is considered the cuff at night the natural strength of our increases.So body at night should not eat yogurt as it will further increase the problem is the disease of the stomach. Free coupon SALE: Up to 80% discount on products Jabong curd acid test, the effect is warm and heavy to digest. This fat, strength, phlegm, bile, the digestive power increases. If the swelling of the body, you should always avoid eating yogurt because it increases further inflammation. Note that this is being said only about sour curd. Never should not eat yogurt for sour hot. Yogurt not only at night, but should not eat in the spring.READ: yogurt mask for stomach problems bright and healthy face or problems with urination, yogurt, honey, butter, sugar and food with Amla relief. According to the rules of Ayurveda eating yogurt at night should be avoided as much as possible. If you have to eat in yogurt eating yogurt mixed pinch of pepper powder should be taken into account. You can even have the fenugreek powder. This will eliminate diseases related to stomach. Do not eat sugar yogurt at night at all. butter milk or whey or whey yogurt instead of eating will make excellent.

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