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Why Japanese Woman Never Get Fat and Live the Longest

Over the last 25 years, the record for a longer life on Earth is hold by women Japanese, living 84.5 years averagely, and is also known to never gain extra weight. You want to know the secret?


Naomi Moriyama, author of the book “Japanese women do not age or fat” presents the kitchen of his mother and publicizes the answers to a longer and healthier life. In Japanese cuisine food we use for weight loss are usually consumed every day. Fish, rice, soybeans, fruits, seaweed, vegetables and green tea are regularly used in the Japanese diet, which contributes to the slim figure and long and healthy life.

Due to the characteristics of anti-aging them, these ingredients are the real-deal for weight loss in a healthy way, and are very useful in controlling healthy weight .

A Japanese cooked food including fish, cooked vegetables, rice bowl, soup, green tea and fruit for dessert. Did you know that 10% of all fish consumed only in Japan? You should know that only 2% of the world population as a whole.

According to Moriyama, Japanese parents are teaching their children to dignify every bite to eat and slowly. One of the rules they need to obey is that they should not serve large amounts of food and other serve each different food.

In Japanese cooking the food is cooked slowly steamed or grilled soon, which makes Japanese cuisine easy to cook. The Japanese are using rice at every meal as a substitute for bread, which is the main difference between Eastern and Western diets.

Breakfast is the most important food in the Japanese diet. You can include a variety of foods and beverages such as soup, tofu, tender garlic, steamed rice, tortillas, fish or green tea.

When it comes to desserts Moriyama states that are rarely eaten, and if eaten, served on small plates. Like any other woman, Japanese also like to eat chocolate, ice cream or cakes, but are aware of the negative impacts of these dishes can be left in the human body. Exercise is a very important part of Japanese lifestyle. Many women are implementing for walking, cycling or running for a healthier life.

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