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Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer?

A recent study published in the journal Cancer Causes and Contro l has shown that the Amish do not they have virtually no cancer in the population, and are considered the healthiest people in America.

Researchers at Ohio State University originally released a study on the Amish population to see if cancer rates would be higher due to its lack of conventional medical care. What they found, however, shocked them.


The Amish were found to have much lower cancer than the general population rates, so the researchers decided to look more closely at their lifestyles and diets to find out why.

NaturalNews reports:

Most Amish do not smoke or drink and usually are not sexually promiscuous, leading researchers to believe that these lifestyle factors play an important role in the limited number of cancer cases.

Other factors considered include the large amount of physical work done by the Amish. Most Amish work in agriculture, construction and other production jobs that require intense physical activity that keeps them healthy and fit. While the rest of America is in cubicles with fluorescent lighting throughout the day, work hard to grow crops, build furniture and structures, and produce useful goods, researchers recognize that contributes to its excellent health Amish.

Another important factor not specifically examined in the study is the fact that the Amish grow and raise all their own food. Use time-tested methods that provide healthy organic fruits, vegetables, milk, meat and other unpolluted that most Americans never get food. Rich in living enzymes, vitamins and nutrients from food Amish is grown and how it should be raised, resulting in better health.

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While some may ridicule secluded lifestyle, the Amish commitment to a simple, productive and clean living, local food is benefiting health in ways that the rest of America can only dream of.

Compared to a life of sitting in office buildings all day, eating processed and junk food genetically modified and popping prescription drugs, it becomes evident that the lifestyle is truly deserving of contempt.

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