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WHY DID THEY HIDE IT FROM US: Remedy That Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy!

has been scientifically proven that this drink is a real life saver, but most people are not familiar! with that.

This duo has proven 10,000 times more potent than chemotherapy. Why nobody told us this before? Probably because they will not have the benefit of people who are healthy.

will be lost

Billions of dollars in the pharmaceutical industry, because this super easy recipe against cancer. Many studies showed that lemon is anti-cancer fruit. Alkalized body, which kills tumors and cysts. They can not feed themselves in an alkaline medium, which stopped its growth and eliminate them.

However, by taking this combination should be avoided other ingredients that create acidic environment in our bodies. This surprising fact was first discovered in 1923 by German scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg, who even received the Nobel Prize for achievements in this area, but still people do not know the truth.

What Dr. Warburg discovered?

According to Dr. Warburg, cancer develops as a result of anti-physiological way of life, which means that the consumption of acid-forming foods and physical inactivity create acidic environment with low oxygen levels. The acidity of cells extracts oxygen from the cells, again leads to the formation of acidic environment. “If your body is too acidic, oxygen deficiency will automatically; if you have low levels of oxygen, the body is acidic, acidic environment is an oxygen-free environment” – said Dr. Warburg. Removing 35 percent of the oxygen from a healthy cell will lead to cancer formation within only 2 days due to the acidity and lack of oxygen. Dr. Warburg is the author of “The metabolism of tumors” which shows that cancer cells fulfill two conditions: the acidity of the blood and lack of oxygen. He also discovered that tumor cells do not inhale oxygen and are not suitable in their presence.

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Cancer cells can only survive with the help of glucose and in the environment without oxygen. Therefore, cancer is nothing more than a defense mechanism, which is used by cells to survive in the acidic environment in the absence of oxygen. What causes acid environment and the onset of cancer? The answer is very simple: the food. Most people today, that was not the case 20 years ago, the food is eaten creates acidic environment.

What should we eat in smaller quantities?

Avoid processed sugar and its derivatives, because it contains vitamins, minerals, fats or proteins. It contains refined carbohydrates and negatively affects the pancreas. Its value is very acidic pH (2.1)

Avoid meat and animal foods, such as dairy products

Avoid refined flour and dairy products (cakes, cookies, pasta) and refined salt

avoid bread, margarine, canned foods, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol. Just for the record, processed and canned food contains flavorings, stabilizers, preservatives, dyes, etc.

Avoid antibiotics and drugs in general

Almonds are highly alkaline foods.

Whole grains: the only grain of millet is alkaline. Each other grain are slightly acidic but the ideal diet needs certain percentage of acidity, so the grains can be consumed in moderation. All grains should be eaten cooked.


Honey has a very high pH.

Chlorophyll :. Green plants are full of chlorophyll which is a very alkaline ingredient

Water: is crucial for the generation of oxygen. You should always be hydrated. Drinking water throughout the day.

exercise. The exercises are very important if you want to keep alkaline environment in your body because oxygen is transferred throughout the body

Chemotherapy is dead!

Although the drug is familiar with the research of Dr. Warburg, chemotherapy is still used for cancer treatment. Chemotherapy often means death. This causes the acid body and causes the body to use the latest alkaline reserves in the body in order to neutralize the acidity sacrificing minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium) included in bones, teeth, nails and hair. Chemotherapy makes the body acidic manner that contributes almost to cancer growth, rather than destroy it.

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