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Why crying is good for health?

Whether to express joy or sadness, crying. Even when happy our eyes become moist and become watery. In moments of pain break mourn. Research studies say that the reflex tears are 98 percent water and emotional tears contain high levels of stress hormones. Below is a list of some of the interesting factors that insist crying is good for health.

enhances immunity and helps eliminate bacteria During the day, wandering far and travel. In the course of these activities, germs get accumulated. When we cry, along with the tears, all these germs accumulated find their way out. In fact, Lysozyme can kill 90-95 percent of all bacteria in just a few minutes. Shedding of tears is an excellent way to increase our immunity.

Boost facilitates communication In our life, we find many situations. We are forced to endure the pain. When we are in pain and can not put it into words, tears help convey the message. Crying is a great unifying factor in relations between people, as opposed to arguments and silence.

releases repressed emotions: When humans are too emotional, they end up stressed. Stress builds up inside. With the help of mourn you can release pent-up emotions. Crying encourages us to confront painful emotions with force. It acts as emotional feelings transpiration. You might wonder, Japanese have a therapy called as the “boom mourn ‘to relieve any emotional stress. How Do They Do It? After a tiring day at work, instead of getting into a pub or bar , Japanese chose teary movie clubs crying. they believe that this helps them to vent the accumulated stress.

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Apart from this, sad read books and watch television programs to induce emotional tear. Mourn not going to solve your problem completely. But remember that is helpful and gives you the energy to handle the problem.

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