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Why Are You Washing Your Hair The Wrong Way? It Causes Your Hair To…

You can do it almost every day, but here is something surprising: you really can not know how to wash your hair the right way. Using the correct techniques can make a world of difference in the health of your hair, bounce and shine, but if you are making some common mistakes which could be damaging their precious locks without even realizing it. We ordered two professionals for outstanding hair New York, stylist Nunzio Saviano Nunzio Saviano Hall of New York and Kyle White colorist lead in Oscar Blandi Salon, to share best tips for foaming up and do it the right way. hair

1. Start with a rinse.
Like the clothes need a rinse cycle before adding the detergent, hair should be thoroughly wet before adding your shampoo. “Hot water cuticle, which is good to remove any dirt or product trapped in the hair open,” says White. Another advantage: “When the hair is rinsed with warm water, which loosens the oils through the scalp and opens the cuticle so it is able to absorb the oil” in its conditioner, says Saviano


2. If you have long hair, the first condition.
Yes, really! “If you have hair below the shoulders, protect fragile ends of the drying and further damage by running a small amount of conditioner through them and slightly clarified before any shampoo. This will not only keep ends healthy, fill any holes in the cuticle with moisture, so it is softer and increase the brightness, “says White.

3. Foam up -. But only on the scalp
“Only the hair on the scalp, especially in the neck shampoo is needed,” says Saviano
agrees Blanca .. “The best way to lather up is from roots to ends. the nearest hair to the scalp is the youngest and inevitably will be oilier, while the end of the hair is the oldest and usually drier, more fragile hair part. “

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Do not use more shampoo than you need; Saviano and White both say that a small amount of shampoo is enough. If your hair is particularly long or thick, go ahead and double.

4. Be friendly!
Friction can permanently damage the hair cuticle, leading to breakage and frizz. Consider washing your hair as delivering wash delicates -. Carefully

“Start your foam at the roots,” says White. “Increases blood flow to the scalp and stimulate hair growth by using vertical strokes with medium pressure.” Do not use a circular motion, which can entangle hair.

Then “Smooth foam on the ends in a straight stroking” advises white. “Do not rub the fragile ends or using a sawing motion as if washing a cloth on a washboard.”

5. not rinse and repeat.
Despite what they say the instructions on the back of the shampoo bottle, no need to wash your hair twice. “Avoid doing just separate the hair shampoo, that is usually enough,” says White. “Unless the hair is very dirty and the first shampoo produced no foam”, in which case, go ahead and make foam again.

6. Add conditioning from mid-lengths to ends.
After rinsing the shampoo, “squeeze some water before putting hair in the air,” says Saviano. “Then cut hair and shower goal, leaving the conditioner rinse your shower final stage.” The longer you stay the conditioner in your hair, the better it is absorbed. Do not put conditioner on the roots of her hair; the natural oil from your scalp is more concentrated there.

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7. Finish with a cold rinse.
“The cold water closes the cuticle tight, sealing the outer layer of similar stones, which will reflect more light and emit brighter,” says White.

Tips More Wash hair …

Use a shampoo and conditioner that was made for your hair type. If your hair is dry, choose moisturizing products. If the color of your hair, opt for color formulas fault. “Volumizing” shampoos tend to leave the hair dryer, so they are better for fine hair types that are loaded by more moisturizing products.

How often the hair depends on the type of hair, also washed. If you have oily or hair, you may need daily shampooing. Normal or dry hair can lather up closer to three times a week.

filter water. White recommends using a shower filter, such as the T3 source Shoverhead because “removes rust and mineral water can dull, and deposited on blondes dark and muddy making . ” (We’ve tried, and also made the hair super soft.)

source: http: //supertastyrecipes.com/

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