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Why are you not Losing Weight

You are exercising a lot or you’re eating less than you usually eat during meals, and has been asking for for quite time, “why not weight loss ?” Sometimes even though you think you are doing the right weight loss for things, you are the body does not respond the way you want to. Read on to learn some reasons why you’re not getting rid of the extra pounds.

Why are you not Losing Weight

reasons why you are not losing weight

One of the reasons why you’re not weight loss should be that you are consuming more calories than you burn. For example, intake of calories a day if you are recommended is 2,000, and doing cardiovascular exercises and weight training for the day made you burn about 500 calories-but then went to the buffet then brought you to a grand total of 2,800- calories consumed during the day, so they have won only 300-calories for that day, although I could have sweated a lot in the gym. Note that weight loss is challenging himself, and persevering through this challenge is vital for you to achieve your fitness goals. If you really want to eat after sweating, then go for something healthy, and make sure you watch your calorie intake all the time.

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Another reason why your weight loss efforts are not going to fruition is because you’re eating high-fat foods. This does not mean that you should eat fewer calories in a day to shed off the extra pounds; In short, you should not eat fatty foods. If you want to eat meat, then go for the lean parts of pork and beef. When you are eating chicken, to carry out the skin before eating. You may not like it, especially if the taste is so attractive, but your body will thank you for this.

Finally, when you exercise in order of weight loss don ‘t just do weight training and cardiovascular exercises alone. Mix, because if you do only cardio, your body will be able to burn calories, but your body does not respond well to change, especially when it comes to building muscle. On the other hand, if you’re just doing weight training, then your muscles will develop but not the additional calories will be discharged. So if you really want to lose weight, it might be a good idea to alternate between weight training and cardiovascular exercises occasionally.

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