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Whole Life You Are Cleaning Your Butt Wrong: Change The Habit Before It’s too Late, Here’s How

Maintenance intimate hygiene is important for your health and wellbeing. And when it comes to cleaning the anus, many people simply are not doing things right. Sometimes, if not cleaned properly, fecal matter can accumulate in the anal area causing irritation and discomfort, and be the cause of bad smells.

Here’s some instructions

always wipe from front to back with gentle movements. Never clean in the opposite direction, to prevent feces come into contact with the genital area and cause infection. No need to be tough, so avoid getting hurt.

It is important to continue cleaning until the stool has completely disappeared. A good way to avoid irritation and discomfort caused by toilet paper is initially clean, most stool with toilet paper, and then finish cleaning yourself with special wipes.


Or you can also use baby wipes. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to use wipes that are for sensitive skin and are unscented to avoid irritation. These products are very effective for cleaning the anus, which reduces irritation and discomfort, while providing a thorough cleaning and leaving you with a more comfortable feeling.

Use wipes or wet wipes to clean your anus until you have completely removed all the stool.

Most people do not clean the back properly, simply because most people using bathrooms also tend to use “handfuls of crumpled paper.”

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Here’s a funny question. It has you noticed how we do not use toilet paper in babies? And why not? Because not just do the job. If you want the baby with clean background, which passes through the baby wipes, otherwise, you will be there all day and end with a mini-human-rashed chaffed-y. And nobody wants that.

So … for some inexplicable reason … once we get ourselves to the bathroom … that de-evolve in the use of toilet paper. Think about that for a second.

But baby wipes – which are essentially nothing more than a paper towel soaked in witch hazel and baby oil – achieve more than water or toilet paper in any way you want to use


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