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Whole Life You are Cleaning Your Butt Wrong: Change the Habit Before it’s Too Late, Here’s how!

Humans have reached the pinnacle of civilized era , although we have a long way to go. It seems we just can not do things right.

Regarding the hygiene many of us what we are doing work much better than our ancestors 100-200 years ago. Partly yes, but when it comes to keeping the back in perfect condition somewhere along the road they gave us the wrong things.


Well, we know that when we go to the bathroom for number 2 you have to clean the rear bottom-up and prevent the transfer of bacteria from the feces of our private parts at the front. And we all know that flogging is not finished until there is nothing but plain white toilet paper left.

But you are sure you have everything. Looking with one eye can not tell the whole story, but if you look at the same place under the microscope there is much more to add. It is important to know that wiping his ass with toilet paper is completely wrong, because when you do you just smear the feces all around.

The correct way is washed with clean water behind, this is a method that has long been before the toilet paper arrived placed. It is easy to jump into the shower every time you go to the bathroom, so intelligent thing to do is install a bidet. The benefits it can provide are numerous, first is much healthier than the traditional and so toilet paper is not to throw any paper, so you are saving the planet too.

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Only the United States uses more than 35 billion rolls of toilet paper each year and its production requires 1.7 billion liters of water and 250 tons of chlorine, can you imagine?

By using this method, health, hygiene protected and be more environmentally friendly.

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