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Which Group Are You In? Here’s How What The Shape Of Your Ears Says About You

Did you know that the shape of the ears can tell a lot about your personality? Physiognomy is the art of judging the character of the shape of their ears.


Although there is no evidence to support this technique, some say be true.

Round Shape

They love being the center of attention and enjoy being praised. They only care about things that interest them. They love themselves and others love them.

Square Shape

The words that describe :. Conservative, stable, responsible, respectful and careful

Diamond Shape

attentive. Selfish. Melancholic. They are guided by their feelings, which sometimes make them difficult to understand.


good and right. They are based on the opinions of others in order to make decisions.

Rectangular Shape

Never give false promises. They strive for perfection and are not interested in nonsense.

inverted triangular

They love to explore new things and are curious. They like to go out and socialize with friends. They make detailed plans and carry them out.

triangular form

They value their friends and do not like being alone. They are gentle, generous and down to earth. They know how to deal with the problems.

pointed form

They are good, calm and assembled. Do not laugh often. They are guided by logic and know how to resolve conflicts.

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Small ears

They are honest, kind and educated. If have thicker ears, the intensity of these features is greater.


This is a sign of independence and vitality of the people who have large ears have the courage to do everything they want in life.

Source: choosehealthylife.com



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