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Where to get rid of old VHS tapes?

"Dear PoPville,

In my effort to "Marie Kondo" my condo, I have a considerable collection of VHS tapes to donate or dispose of. I have a bit of everything from classic movies to modern movies and exercise videos, all for families and on VHS. I know I can't throw these things in the trash, but I also can't let them keep cramming my shelves.

Enter PoPville! Does anyone know of a specific place or organization in the DC metropolitan area (besides Goodwill) that accepts these old VHS tapes? In theory, I could see that they get a second air in a nursing home, library, shelter, etc., but I don't really know who / where to pass them in practice. If I can't find a new good home for them, at least I need to know how to dispose of them safely (since you can't send them to the trash or recycle them because of the chemicals they can filter). So I will also take ideas for ecological disposal! Thanks in advance."

Source: https://www.popville.com/2019/12/where-to-get-rid-of-old-vhs-tapes/

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