The following text is a transcript of the video interview with Dr. Ben Johnson on the subject The breast cancer mammograms Cause:

Dr. Ben Johnson : I wrote a book for women, The Secret of Health wisdom breast because we as medical society, we are giving the women with breast cancer requiring our mammograms. Mammograms cause breast cancer. Period. That is crystal clear, published in the peer review literature.

And yet today, if a woman went to her gynecologist or doc family, who would have this shoved down his throat, extreme coercion to go get the mammogram that is causing breast cancer. It is saving lives. You have a higher risk of dying 4% if you get mammograms, period. cqpepauwsaakwu1-600x440

Ty Bollinger :. So the detection technique we are using, the main technique used to detect breast cancer, breast cancer is the cause

Dr. Ben Johnson: Of course, it is a terrible ordeal; you know that the breaks women’s breasts and then irradiated with cancer-causing radiation. And then it’s so insensitive. For women under 50 years it is only 52% as effective, responsive. That means 52 is close enough to 50, right?

Ty Bollinger :. Yes

Dr. Ben Johnson: So about half. That means that half of women who have breast cancer, would not detect her cancer. That is a terrible ordeal. And so there is much better evidence. And yet this is what is still crowded by the throats of women today. Terrible ordeal of the causes of breast cancer.

Ty Bollinger: And not detected, it detects 50% and causes cancer. You said there were better options. What better options exist for the detection of breast cancer?

Dr. Ben Johnson: Well, there are two better options. If you have a lump, if you think you have something, ultrasound is great. It is proof of the anatomy. Mammograms are tests of anatomy. Ultrasounds are proof of the anatomy. MRIs are tests of anatomy. So if you’ve already got a lump, you want proof of the anatomy.

So that would be like an ultrasound, because they can see the bulge, they can see its consistency. You can see where calcium in it. And they can see blood flow to tumors because they will have greater blood flow. For example, a sensitivity of ultrasound is 80% to about. It is much higher than mammograms. The sensitivity is also increased.

But if you are looking for about prevention, if we’re talking about screening, there’s really only one device out there and that is thermography. A thermal infrared camera. Nothing touches the lady. Nothing breaks her breasts. No radiation causes cancer.

While we sit here, you are omitting the heat in the infrared spectrum called. infrared, visual and ultraviolet there. So this is the infrared spectrum of light that our eyes do not see, but that is detectable by the camera. The Army developed this so that people could see them secretly at night and so they can shoot down missiles and things that are producing heat.

Ty Bollinger :. Of course, as night vision goggles

Dr. Ben Johnson: There you go. night vision goggles are infrared goggles. So we use it as a medical application to detect hot spots in the breast.

good before there was a tumor there, there were cancer cells. Probably 8 to 10 years before there was a tumor, there were cancerous cells begin to grow. Two cells, four cells, 16 cells, 144 cells, etc. It takes about eight years until it reaches about one centimeter in size for a mammogram or ultrasound to detect. Well, that’s too late. Because the tumor of one centimeter, about five sixteenths of an inch, less than half an inch, is approximately one billion cells.

Upon reaching a billion cells, the cancer has already eroded in the lymphatic system and the venous system and is shedding cancer cells throughout the body. That’s why mammograms, one of the many reasons why mammograms do not save lives,
is not early detection. That’s one of the little lies that have spread throughout. “Early detection saves lives. Get your mammogram today.”

Ty Bollinger :. right

Dr. Ben Johnson: Well, really that statement. Early detection saves lives. It’s just that mammography is early detection; it is too late. So the long and the short is that is causing more breast cancer with mammograms being detected.

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