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When Did Your Pregnancy Start to Show

understand that every pregnancy is different, even with the same woman! There can be big differences between our pregnancies. That certainly has been the case for me and one of the biggest differences I’ve noticed this time is when my pregnancy began to take shape. I’m about 15 weeks and longer, my abdomen just looked as if he had scarfed a lot of burritos. I was showing, but it seemed that every fan. This stage lasted longer this time than he did with any other pregnancy.


That I’m talking swelling started early in my previous pregnancies, but always seemed to be out by 8 or 9 weeks. At that time, I just looked like I had put on a little extra weight, but nothing serious. Really I realized my belly burst around 16 or 17 weeks.

This time, the swelling was a bit out of this world. At 8 weeks, it seemed I did when I was 5 months pregnant with my other children. I know that it is no longer the first time, the uterus and abdominal muscles are a little more lax. But I was surprised and really kind of embarrassed by the round shape it already was. I tried to hide because I did not want people ask me how far along I was so I could say: “Just eight weeks” and see the shock on his face.

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Yesterday was finally the first day that I felt more pregnant than inflation. I think that feeling has subsided and finally roundness that what I see is what should really be there. He came out of nowhere overnight, as it always seems. It was the first time that he was not worried about being asked if she was pregnant (although I think it should not really ever be asked) and I think I have to go buy some maternity clothes soon. Pregnancy really starting to show, my shirts are too short for comfort.

:: When your pregnancy begins to really show? ::

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