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Wheatgrass – The Most Alkalizing Food You Have Ever Seen

Wheatgrass is a term used to describe the young grass Triticum aestivum , a wheat plant that grows naturally in North America and Europe. It’s good to know that you can grow your own wheatgrass and this process is simple and inexpensive. Besides that, you will know that the herb has a high quality.

The time for the harvest begins about seven days after germination of seeds. Most wheatgrass has a flavor that is very bitter. The lawn should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should be harvested after germination phase because this is when the grass is sweet. If left in direct sunlight, wheatgrass will be even more bitter.

Why should we use wheatgrass

Wheatgrass has roots that are closely linked and requires moist soil to develop rapidly. However, this is the reason why this plant can lead to mold growth. If this happens, the mold can have negative effects on you. The best idea is to plant wheat grass in a less busy in order to provide adequate air circulation area.

In addition, the plant should be watered less frequently and planting seeds properly, leaving enough space for each seed to develop. In this way the development of mold is avoided.

Wheatgrass Juice

Studies have confirmed that wheat grass is a rich source of minerals and vitamins such as:

  • calcium
  • vitamin E, B12 and a
  • magnesium
  • selenium
  • Iron
  • Zinc

wheatgrass also it comes with all the B vitamins and potassium, sodium and phosphorus in an appropriate proportion. This plant is loaded with protein -. Only two ounces of juice fresh wheatgrass contains protein found in five pounds of high-quality organic vegetables

Why should we use wheatgrass on a daily basis?

Wheatgrass provides the body with countless minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients. This plant is compatible with the neutralization of toxins and contaminants found in the body of cleaning the blood and liver.

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Furthermore, wheatgrass comes with superoxide disumates (enzymes that keep us safe from carcinogens), which may decrease the effects of radiation, toxins body process and tissues and detoxify pollutants and heavy metals from the body. We should also mention that wheatgrass juice is especially rich in chlorophyll.

Furthermore, chlorophyll comes with exceptionally potent healing properties. In case you did not know, green plants are the only plants that can convert the sun’s energy into chlorophyll using the process known as photosynthesis. Thanks to this amazing phytonutrients, the cells of our body can heal and thrive.

chlorophyll comes with high oxygen which means that we will provide more oxygen to the blood. By eating grass juice regularly will increase both the levels of oxygen in the blood and the number of red blood cells.

As you probably know, oxygen is essential for many processes that take place within our body and this especially true when it comes to the brain that is based on ¼ of oxygen supply. To put it in simple words, high levels of oxygen provide amazing health benefits to our body.

Wheatgrass – A highly food alkalizing Everyone should include in your daily diet

It is one of the best enhancers alkaline natural filled with many nutrients . Our bodies need to preserve the body’s pH value between 7.35 and 7.45 in order to stay healthy and keep all systems are working properly. Eating and drinking wheatgrass is one of the best methods to combat acidity and balance, as it has the ability to clear excess acidity.


And if that does not impress you, it comes with D1-G1 and P4-D1 enzymes and these enzymes are able to repair the genetic structures that were affected by X-rays and / or radioactivity.

Including therapeutic health benefits of wheatgrass

With the help of juicing, you will be able to take all the nutrients of any plant as this process prepares them well for absorption. Many people simply can not find the time and the means to eat vegetables daily, but this process is much simpler when making vegetable juice.

Note that has a flavor that is considered to be very bitter for some people. Therefore, feel free to add ingredients that will make this sweet juice. Some of the ingredients that can be used include bananas, coconut water and fresh pineapple.

pineapple and coconut green smoothie and wheatgrass Recipe


  • Four ounces of juice of fresh wheatgrass
  • Two small, peeled bananas
  • Two cups pineapple (to pieces)
  • Four ounces of coconut water
  • A cup baby spinach


Begin pouring grass juice in blender and after that put the peeled bananas and pineapple. Spinach should be placed last. Use the high-speed mode for about half a minute or wait until the batter becomes creamy.

The juice should be taken while it is still fresh or less than fifteen minutes in case you want to experience all the benefits that this brings natural juice.

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