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What Your Tongue Is Telling You About Your Digestion

You have eyes! Did you know, that are the mirror of the soul? Well, like eyes act as a window, so does the language. His tongue is the window to your digestive health. Chances are, if you eat well and digest food properly, then the tongue is like the photo on the left – pink and smooth. If the language is more like the image on the right, however, warning signs must rise.
Candida tongue copy

Having a language of the white coat usually indicates that you are not digesting the food very well. As a result, the bad bacteria and yeast are growing at an alarming rate. That is called Candida yeast.

What is Candida?

is a normal fungus Candida (which is a form of yeast). Each body produces a small amount of Candida living in your mouth and intestines. When at the appropriate levels, Candida actually helps with the absorption of nutrients and digestion. If this type of yeast is produced in excess, however, you can break the wall of your digestive tract and enter the bloodstream. This releases toxic byproduct on your system, leading to leaky gut . When Candida is overproduced called Candida overgrowth syndrome.

Causes of Candida overgrowth
syndrome Candida Causes Infographic
Treatment of Candida overgrowth


to treat Candida overgrowth is much stops first spreading yeast. To do that, clean your diet.

  • Ditch the refined carbohydrates, gluten and sugar ( click here for 7 tips to beat your sugar cravings )
  • Avoid processed foods that hinder intestinal health
  • Avoid inflammatory foods that damage the GI tract
  • Bouncing alcohol
  • Incorporate coconut oil in your diet . Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties that fight candida.
is important to eat healthy, easy to digest in order to cure your food digestive tract. The healing of the lining of the intestinal tract will stop toxic byproduct from seeping into the bloodstream.

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Resurrecting good bacteria Gut

One of the most effective ways to rebuild your intestinal health is to take a daily supplement of probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria healthy life that help keep your gut (and body) healthy.

The Whatever your language is telling you about your digestion first appeared in Gut Health Project .

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