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What Your Heart Line On Your Hand Reveals About Your Life

What your heart line in hand reveals about his life

Do you know what is the heart line of your hand says about how love, behave and treat other people? Do you know that caring vision of the heart line reveals his personality and life?

heart line reveals your personality

For thousands of years people around the world have sought in the palms of their hands to guess the truth of your feelings and character.

Select your dominant hand and heart choose which line you have to determine what the hands of fate have in store for you!

The heart line starts about half of his hand on the edge of the palm of his hand under her little finger and extends through his palm to the finger .

A) If your heart line starts under his middle finger you are a born leader. Ambitious, independent, intelligent lets you display good qualities of judgment in decision-making. However you may have a selfish and materialistic point of view on love and are less sensitive and cold to others.

B) If your heart line ends between the middle and index fingers are trustworthy, considerate and kind to others and tends to easily give your heart to another. It is also hesitant and cautious when others are concerned. You have common sense when making decisions.

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C) If your heart line begins below the index finger is much like (A), although some palmists indicate those with (C) have a normal life and content love.

D) If your heart line arcs between the index finger and thumb, be patient, caring, good heart and good intentions.

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