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What the pain in certain organs tell us about ourselves

What the pain in certain organs tell us about ourselves (Adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []) push ({}).

the idea or theory that everyone ‘create’ their own illness is no longer classified as an extreme alternative to doctors Western roll their eyes in disbelief.

‘What are you thinking, what you fear, what you believe or not believe, how much are you willing to fight, willing to, etc is all written in the body.

This description of pain or diseases and disorders can help you better understand your body and your mind and your relationship. Of course, each individual has different conditions, but for most people the following applies:

headaches – appear when you punish himself same. Migraines are usually present in those who want to be perfect and create pressure under which constantly live. There are also a lot of repressed anger.

Sinuses – if you have sinus problems, you might have a family member in your life that irritates you. You may have the feeling that this person has turned against you.

Eye problems – eye problems indicate that there is something to think too much about himself, his past or the future do not want to see. Denial and the desire to “not see” what is happening is causing problems with the sense of vision.

Auditor – these problems demonstrate that there is something he does not want to hear. Pain in the ear expressed anger inside you because of what you have heard or think you might hear.

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Hair – hair is power. When you are tense and frightened, the creation of a start of the shoulder muscles ” and steel chains extending toward the top of the head, and sometimes in the eye. Hair grows at the top and if there is a tension that lasts longer, the scalp is expensive, hair can not breathe and therefore die and fall. Baldness occurs.

neck and throat – Neck is its ability to be flexible in thinking, that you can see the other side and see the view of others to their around. When you have problems with your neck, you mean you were obstinate in evaluating the situation, convinced that their position is correct. His throat is the ability to say what you think, what you want and what you want. When you have a sore throat, usually it means that you think that you are not entitled to such a position. Do not take it for yourself and you suppressed rage. Laryngitis means you’re so angry, you can not even talk. The throat is the creative flow through the body. If your creativity is stifled, you may have a problem with his throat. Also, if you are trying to change or is in the midst of change, you will notice changes in her throat.

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Manos – problems with their hands represent the possibility of including all life experiences. The upper part is connected with the skills to bottom. Old emotions keep joints and elbows on flexibility and changes in life. Each finger has its own meaning. If the index finger is cut, it is in anger and fear associated with the ego in the current situation. Thumb is a concern, concern middle finger of sex and anger, sadness and attachment of the ring and little finger has to do with family and conversion.

Back – if you have back problems, it may mean that you feel that the environment is not supported enough. The top has to do with the feeling of a lack of emotional support (husband, wife, boss you do not understand or have problems with). The middle section is associated with a sense of guilt – when hurt, afraid to see what’s behind you. The fear that you will not have money, will live in poverty is expressed in pain in the lower back. Area- lungs represent the ability to give and take life. If you have lung problems, which could mean that you are afraid to take what you need, or you may feel that you do not have the right to live the life you want.

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breasts – the instinct of the mother. If you have a problem with the chest area, it usually means that you had a mother, protective attitude toward a person, place, thing or experience.

Heart – is love, and the blood is joy. The heart pumps through the body joy. When life itself deny the joy and love, your heart feels wrong, it withers and becomes “cold”. The result is a slower flow of blood that could open the way to anemia, angina or myocardial infarction.

stomach – when you try to digest all your ideas and experiences, my stomach hurts. If you are afraid, you have problems with some experience or ideas, fears and therefore affects your stomach.

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Legs – that take you through life. Problems with legs often indicate that there is a fear of moving forward or reluctance to move in a certain direction. When something does not work, you will feel the problems with his legs. – Knees flexibility. In addition to the back. Express resilience, pride, ego, stubbornness. When knees hurt wonder where is so hard, inflexible, refusing to adjust.

Feet -. They are linked to the understanding of ourselves and the life around us, the past, present and future

The Skin – is their individuality. When you have skin problems, feel that are in some way threatened ….

Overweight – is the need for protection. Obese people are seeking protection who do not have to be hurt, depressed, criticized, deceived. They have a fear of life.

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