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What States Are Voting to Legalize Medical Marijuana in 2016?

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By Jeffrey Green

After these elections a majority of states allow some form of legal cannabis.

This November, at least nine states will vote on bills to enter the civilized world of recreational marijuana or legal doctor. A few states are still counting petition signatures to see if the vote was made. These states are, in addition to 25 states and Washington, DC and underbrush that was released.

In Washington, I can buy cannabis in a nice shop in a mall. I am received by a tantalizing aroma, relaxing music, smiling budtenders, and an incredibly diverse selection of flowers and edible products. The experience is much more enjoyable than meeting a guy in a shaded parking or back alley for an awkward transaction.


Enter shop runner cannabis legal in the state of Washington

Following the successful examples of Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, five other states will vote to legalize recreational cannabis next election day.

If you live in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada, you get to save people from being thrown in cages to have a plant marijuana . Each of these states has had legal medical marijuana for years, but this is a new level of freedom and a potential new source of tax revenue.

Before these elections, half of the nation and access to medical cannabis is allowed. After this election, the pot will be legal in some form in most of the United States with a maximum of five states voting to allow medical pot for the first time.

Medical marijuana legalization is on the ballot in at least three new states: Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota. Montana are voting on expanding medical and recreational use. Legalization for medicinal use may also be on the ballot in Oklahoma, where they are still being verified petition signatures and Missouri, where signatures are being disputed .

See state by state medical cannabis 2016 voting details below.


Arkansas will have the opportunity to vote in one of two medical marijuana bills. The organizers of Arkansans for Compassionate Care collected enough signatures for Medicinal Cannabis of Arkansas Law 2016 a model quasi-non-profit organization overseen by the Department of Public Health. The other measure become sufficient number of signatures is a for-profit model called Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment .

If this 2015 survey – shows 68 percent of Arkansans would support a ballot measure legalizing medical marijuana, while only 26 percent oppose it – is an indication , what is on the ballot measure appears likely to pass.

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In 2014 the majority of voters, 57 percent approved Amendment 2 to change the state constitution to allow the legalization of medical marijuana. However, changes in Florida require a supermajority of 60 percent become law so that measure does not .

Initiative legalizing medical marijuana in Florida is back in the edition of November 8, 2016, voting in Florida. According to Ballotpedia

A “yes” supports the legalization of medical marijuana for people with debilitating diseases or comparable specific debilitating conditions as determined by a physician licensed by the state.

A “no” opposes the legalization of medical marijuana, keeping the program’s medical marijuana instead limited current state.

Amendment 2 was also designed to require the Department of Health to regulate the production centers and distribution of marijuana and problem identification cards to patients and caregivers.

it is likely to succeed this election this amendment. All eight of the most recent surveys renowned show more than 60 percent support, including multiple Quinnipiac survey shows 84 percent support of medical marijuana.


Although Montana passed a law on limited medical cannabis in 2004 and is considered in the list of 25 legal states, restrictions have made the program largely ineffective. The measure allowed patients access to seeds and plants or work, but not dispensaries were allowed. Growers serve limited to no more than three patients.

far this year – Initiative 182, the Medical Marijuana Act Montana – allow producers and suppliers to supply more patients. The measure also expands access to medical marijuana to people suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain.

There may be some confusion at the polls as other two initiatives marijuana may also qualify for voting. The first – Initiative 176 – the repeal of any legalization. It is called to Montana to respect that marijuana is illegal under federal law. The second – constitutional initiative 115 – would allow adults to buy, consume or possess limited amounts of marijuana for recreational use


A survey by ISideWith shows a strong majority of 65 percent of Montana voters support some form of legalization of marijuana, including 48 percent who support full legalization without regulations.


North Dakota voters will eventually have to decide on a limited medical cannabis program. At the request of 2012 it did not qualify after many signatures were disqualified.

The Compassionate Care Act 2016 North Dakota allows patients to possess up to three ounces of qualifying conditions, such as AIDS, cancer, epilepsy and glaucoma. Patients who live far away (more than forty miles) from a dispensary be allowed to grow eight floors or less.

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North Dakota is the only state in the passage seems questionable. Most recent survey is from 2014 and shows a narrow 47 percent favored legalization of medical use more than 41 percent opposed. An overwhelming majority of 68 percent opposed legalization of recreation in the same survey.


Under the initiative legalizing medical marijuana in Oklahoma, State Question 788 doctors would be able to recommend the certificates issued by the state for patients at least 25 years old. Once a degree would be able to legally use, possess up to three ounces, and flowering plants could grow 6 and 6 seedlings.

it remains to be seen whether the request of State Question 788 reaches the required amount of 66,000 signatures. The organizers are optimistic, but they also have concerns that firms will be challenged by special interests, such as pharmaceuticals and enforcement.

A ISideWith survey shows a huge 65 percent majority supports the legalization of medical cannabis versus only 34 percent who oppose it.


The main organizers of the initiative legalizing marijuana Missouri collected and converted into 275,000 signatures in May. About a week ago the Secretary of State disqualified 10,700 signatures, which left far just over 2,000 below the qualification for the vote. The organizers of the new approach Missouri are sue the State to cancel invalidated signatures and put the initiative on the ballot in 2016.

Agree to Ballotpedia the measure amends the Constitution of Missouri to:

  • allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes, and create regulations and licensing procedures facilities of marijuana and marijuana;
  • impose a tax of 4 percent on the retail of marijuana; and
  • use funds from these taxes for health services and care to veterans of the Missouri Veterans Commission to administer the program and to authorize and regulate marijuana and marijuana facilities.

There are many recent surveys formal Missouri. However, a survey of informal communication media showed whopping 84 percent support the decriminalization of medical cannabis.

legalization of marijuana seems to be sweeping across the United States. Given the momentum of legalization at the state level, the refusal of the DEA to reclassify marijuana last week seems inconsequential. The tide has changed.

Come November 9 more states allow the use of marijuana ban.

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