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What Speeds up Aging

accelerates aging: The causes of premature aging

aging and aging is a natural process during which various physical and physiological changes in the human body occur gradually over time. Sometimes it is subject or is accelerated from the normal rate of change and sometimes delayed or occurs at the end of the normal speed of aging. People who live their lives following the normal lifestyle are normal aging, people who live their lives following the standard lifestyle (through well-balanced healthy diet, physical activity and health) getting slow aging and people who live their life after bad lifestyle (meaning lack of a healthy diet and physical activity, bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol etc) get early aging.

When people are covered by the aging process means through physical and psychological deterioration activities, social changes living occurs automatically and moments of life become hard and so difficult to the person to death. My motto is to raise awareness about health and fitness among all the people of India so that they can delay skin aging and live a healthy life. First of all they need to know the causes of premature aging. Then I discussed some aspects and habits that indicate early aging process:

Mental sadness

is all about stress, depression, anxiety, sadness and worry about anything that lead to a lack of mental happiness and causes mental sadness. Stress is stress if associated with any cause or without cause, may actually weaken the mental and emotional health of the person and therefore physical health. Gradually it begins to interfere with life. Conditions worsen when a person begins to take every negative thing in your life very serious affects all physical and physiological functions of the body and certainly accelerates the aging process.

When a person is stressed or depressed, the secretion of some negative hormones (norepinephrine and cortisol) increases that affect the immune system and cause high blood pressure, which ultimately lead to increased risk of cardiovascular disease , obesity and weight gain. Stressed people tend to get gray hair at an early age.

Depression is also a type of mental sadness and has been classified as a psychological problem. This leads to the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, dementia, cancer and digestive disorders and premature aging call.

irregular Skin Care

care irregular or improper skin also leads to premature aging because it stimulates the aging process prematurely due to lack of regular habits of skin care. The skin is dehydrated, wrinkled, stained and dry when not receiving adequate attention, such as drinking enough water, use moisturizer, having a proper diet rich in vitamins and minerals, etc. Lack of skin care affects the production of skin proteins called collagen and elastin leading to wrinkled, dry, soft and tired-looking skin (signs of aging).

If the person is not protecting the skin with UV rays by applying sunscreen, the skin begins to get points and fine lines. natural oil coating skin is destroyed and reduces the ability of the skin to repair naturally. The skin begins to lose its natural firmness, elasticity, brightness and youth and become thin, dull, wrinkled and dry.

Poor eating habits / diet plan unhealthy

Bad eating habits include foods without fresh salad, vegetables and seasonal fruits. Poor eating habits stimulate oxidative stress in the body due to harmful free radicals. This condition leads to skin damage, wrinkles, and even cancer. Premature aging can be slowed by adding some seasonal fruits and vegetables to the diet on a daily basis.

Bad habits of eating broiled, grilled, processed foods and fried high heat accelerate premature aging. Aging can be slow when eating cooked with plenty of water (steamed, braised, poached and etc), providing capacity body to fight aging food.

lack of physical activity / sedentary lifestyle

The person who lives a sedentary lifestyle means inactive daily routine with the lack of adequate physical activity are more prone to premature aging. A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of health problems that threaten life, such as obesity, obesity, overweight, diabetes, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, hormonal imbalance, metabolic disorders and digestive disorders. To combat these problems in life and delay aging, a person needs physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. People involved in living a sedentary lifestyle have shorter leukocyte telomeres compared to active people.

irregular sleep pattern

irregular sleep patterns also accelerate aging prematurely because it disrupts brain function leading to psychological disorders. It is very necessary to have a good sleep during the night at least 6 hours a day. inadequate sleep can create dark circles under the eyes, gives a tired appearance, disrupt metabolic functions and digestive disorders after which all generate health problems. A person who is not taking sleep well at night loses his / her ability to mental alertness which leads to premature aging.

smoking, drinking alcohol and using other harmful products

Smoking is very bad and harmful to health habit, however the person using the same loses his / her ability to identify between evil and good. Smoking, drinking alcohol and using other harmful products are some bad habits that will undoubtedly accelerate the aging process prematurely. Such habits gradually deteriorate the functions of major organs such as the heart, liver, brain and kidneys, which are the main indications of ending life. The skin wrinkles due to lack of vitamin C and increases the risk of skin, mouth and lung cancer.

chemistry of nicotine in cigarettes affects the blood vessel wall, narrow and therefore obstructs the normal flow of blood to parts of the body. In this way the body does not receive adequate oxygenated blood and nutrients. Some other chemicals found in the snuff damage skin proteins called collagen and elastin thus the skin loses its natural strength and elasticity and becomes soft and wrinkled prematurely.

The lack of regular and enjoyable sex

Sex is the most important aspect of healthy living, lack of accelerating aging prematurely. Modern life is busy, stressed and out of time, so couples have almost no time to fully enjoy their life so they are living life lack physical and mental satisfaction. adequate sex is a natural anti-depressant that stimulates the mood and stimulates the body to fight the aging process. Improving the production of some active chemicals such as endorphins, which stimulates the immune system, lower stress levels and reduces the risk of premature aging.

The consumption of foods high in sugar, salt, saturated fat

People who eat foods high in salt, sugar and saturated fat are more prone to early aging because it activates an enzyme that causes loss of healthy collagen so the skin is wrinkled and soft. Foods high in saturated fat is bad for the heart, because the artery wall thickens and blocks the normal flow of blood throughout the body. It also leads to skin aging. Eating too much salty food causes high blood pressure leading to heart attacks and strokes. Saturated fat foods increase the risk of diabetes with overweight and obesity and, therefore, type 2 diabetes and dementia.

AGE (advanced glycation end products)

AGEs are advanced glycation end products that accelerates the aging process prematurely. This causes a gradual damage to major organs of the body, skin, joints, etc.

high sugar level increases the production of aging AGE acceleration in the body for that type 2 diabetic people look aged prematurely. However, it not limited to diabetes and can occur to the person eating wheat (and wheat-based foods such as biscuits, bread, biscuits, cereals and baked products), containing amylopectin-A hydrate carbon level increases blood sugar to a large extent.

The lack of fresh salad, vegetables and fruits in the diet

Food lacking fresh salads and seasonal vegetables and fruits accelerates the aging process prematurely due to lack of adequate vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients, which are essential to health. The lack of a proper diet on a daily basis reduces the power of the immune system thus reduces the power of the body to fight infection.

The lack of foods rich in antioxidants

Eating foods, fruits and vegetables lack of antioxidants stimulates the process of premature aging. Foods low in antioxidants reduces the body’s ability to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals that lead to skin damage. lack of food antioxidants induces AGE formation thus lead to aging. The need for antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in the body can be easily accomplished by taking seasonal fruits and adequate diet on vegetables daily basis.

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