Most people believe that humans can not change his personality permanently ever born with it. They are not bad, and much depends on the personality moth born. And this has been proved correct on numerous occasions.

Check the article to know more about your personality based on your birth month.


Women born in this month are known to be quite ambitious, but they are also timid. They are very patient and almost not angry but are not good to show your emotions. Therefore, often they do not have too many friends. They will only be close to those who believe they are at the same level as they are.

February [

February females are very romantic, and should be treated with patience. Not everyone can understand, because of his changing mood. These women have a slightly abstract form of thought. You should know that if they betray, you will never see again.


Women are born in March strong charisma and charm. They are very loyal and dedicated. These ladies are hard to fall in love. They are also very cute until disturbed. But to live with a person born in March is a real pleasure.


females are born in April diplomats and can easily interact with each person. Sometimes, they know they pity themselves. Most of them are very jealous, and if it happens to explode, better for you to walk away. Abril girl is going to make you the happiest man on earth. Open your soul to those who earn their trust and try not to lose it.

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These women are very persistent and dedicated to its principles and are very friendly, in a physical way. Still, together with the difficult character, become fatal for any man who falls in love with them because you will remember as long as they are alive.


These women are very creative and communicative, only girls. But they have faith that this is just “better truth to be told in the face, instead of talking back.” In love are very disturbing players. Men are like toys in their hands.

July [of

Damas born in July are very honest, mysterious, very intelligent, beautiful and at a higher level than the rest. I do not want arguments and are gentle to everyone. They suffer usual in recent times. Moreover, if this July-woman falls in love with you, the biggest mistake is if your trap, and that would be lost forever.

August [

This is a unique combination of egotism and big heart. You should try not to mess with these ladies, that sooner or later will win. Women born in August have an exceptional sense of humor, but they do not like to be teased. If this happens, you will not be aware of what hit. Always they want to be the center of attention and never suffer from the attention of men. In his presence men lose their heads.

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September [

Born in September, these women are kind, disciplined, and beautiful. We never forgive those who will deliver them. Therefore, one should be careful not to hurt them as they seek revenge. These women want relationships long, which means they are not girls for just one night. Moreover, they are very critical and have high expectations of its partners. The man who would try, will win.

October [

Women born in October have strong character. They are very emotional, but do not cry in front of others. They are very intelligent, and can not open his soul to everyone, and I think people tend to abuse it. The other women very often hate them because they envy.


ladies November are always one step ahead of others, and they can easily recognize a lie. should not play with these women, as they get the worst end of it. About these women need to know that if you are ready to hear the truth, you should never ask their opinion.

December [

Women born in December can be very impatient, but luckily, since they always find a way out of any situation as winners. These women know how to lift the mood. They have an open heart. They are willing to be hurt much, but since God is on their side, in the end these females get what they deserve.

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