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What is Stem Cell Therapy?

tissues and organs that we are composed of several cell formation. The cells that make up the pieces also made up of many different types. Overall, the cell divides into two classes.
They are “stem cells” and not stem cells. Common functions of cells within our bodies is to fill the cells that are still empty or damaged. These biological events can only occur if the owner of the living body cell. body health is also influenced greatly the development and the process of cell division, especially auto mother cell.
The number of cells produced can be reduced with a very large amount when the body is not in a state of excellence. Interestingly, stem cells can also meet the needs that are required by the body. When any part of dead or damaged cells, other cells grow automatically, even if the cells are not active in the period sufficiently long. Because it is known as a center for the regeneration of cells, many scientists are trying to unearth the basic methods of treatment with stem cells.
Because, naturally, stem cells have the task of replacing old or diseased cells, scientists propose ideas to use stem cells as a therapy for patients with various conditions medical. The idea that it is to give patients cells or differentiated cells made from stem cells are derived, we can use the natural ability of cells to cure the patient back to health.
What is Stem Cell Therapy
For example, if a patient has a heart attack by giving the patient a cell therapy as a transplant, our goal is to make the transplanted stem cells mother to repair damage to the heart. Natural populations of stem cells that have only had a limited ability to repair the damage to our bodies. Returning to the example of the heart, stem cells possessed the heart itself is not capable of performing the task of repairing the damage of a heart attack, but of millions of stem cell transplants are much stronger.
So, as an instrument or patients undergoing stem cell transplantation, increase the body’s ability to heal exceeds the ability of stem cells found naturally in limited numbers. The most likely is that stem cells will change the world of medicine and perhaps in one or two decades, most of us know someone, maybe even ourselves, who have a stem cell transplant.

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Stem cells promise to cure serious illnesses faced by people, such as cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Huntington’s disease, spinal cord lesions, and more.
Currently, there are several stem cell transplants that have been tested by scientists are safe and effective. The best example is a bone marrow transplant. However, many mother treatment cells not proven advertised and offered worldwide. Often, treatment is receiving much attention in the media when celebrities like sports stars undergo this treatment.
Generally, scientists and physicians in the field of stem cells to warn patients to avoid this treatment because it is not yet clear whether this treatment works really and safely.

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