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What is life?


always be happy and make others happy too. Life is one, but the meanings of life are many many thoughts, religions and people and experiences. Not only this meaning of life changes as grown and gone through several phases of life person. When the child is small meaning is different and when the child grown, become part of society and meets with friends and teachers, altered the meaning of life.

Meaning of Life enjoy

Similarly, the meaning of life is changed completely when a soul is enlightened and become aligned with the Supreme Soul or God. That is why all the Vedas, scriptures and enlightened masters like Jesus, Guru Nanak, Ram Krishna Paramhansa and San Budha, etc. They speak the same line of truth in different ways. For them, the meaning of life is completely different because somehow have solved the puzzle of life. His lifestyle is just for them, not for people in general. But his teaching and preaching should be followed by all, as they are the best teachers of life. It is not necessary to follow the path of life, but his golden words are able to make the best winner of life.

The life of an enlightened soul love

An enlightened soul has completed its journey, the life cycle was completed, and they win by death. They received the ultimate reality and salvation too. So, we talk about what the Vedas and scriptures speak. However, this is difficult to get the true saint today but somehow if blessed to get a true saint can follow the teachings. These teachings are completely free of selfishness, luxury, and enmity.

Indeed, these souls are born to know the truth, but not all are sculpted to know the truth. All that we are actors entered the world stage to perform their roles, but do not play alone, play the best role that makes you happy and others happy too. To shape itself as everyone needs your company, speak such words everyone wants to talk to you, as being such that everyone loves you. But not claim that, as with his soul and works.

Life is a series of dreams, one after another

After death, the soul enters into its true form. Alma remembers fully the actions taken in all past lives and ensure that no wrongdoing is not repeated again in case if the soul will have another chance at life. But when it gets the new body, you forget all the promises made before birth and again start doing the things that give momentary pleasures. life is full again and has fallen in death. Again, reminds all actions done any past life. The soul promises again to make sure it will not be repeated again wrongdoings, but as the body gets, the promise is forgotten and the cycle remain to continue to infinity.

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Life is a dream. As sleep at night and everything feels real in the dream and act in accordance with the objects of the dream given that all true. We cried, laughed and cried in dreams. The same thing we do in our life too, considering that everything is true and forget the memories of the past and actions of life.

true story of past life (unbelievable but true)

Before thousands of years, was not a saint. He chanted mantras and lit a holy fire (ygya / Havan) to give birth to a female energy. The lady left the sacred fire and begin to live with the holy as his consort. Life was good. Many lives passed. In every life and holy office lady in separate houses and they marry each other. One day a black magician entered his life and began planning for the control of the lady. He planned to call the lady at home using some hypnotism and black magic. Mrs. entered his house. At home, the black magician again made some more black magic activities and the lady came completely under the control of the black magician. Mrs. started going at home casually without any fear.

One day the saint was told by someone who meets his wife with black magician. San called both and cursed. San ordered his consort to leave your home and live with this person and live with the pain and sadness. Now both the lady and the black magician begin to live together in a house like a husband and wife. Many lives passed. In every life, both born in separate houses and marry each other. According to the law of nature, all curses ended a day. Now, it was time both the lady and black magician born separately and not arrange the marriage. Life was going as usual. In this life also the person has a great interest in reading books of black magic, however, he was doing service as interest past life and habits remain always connected with the soul and the strength of the person to perform activities alike. In this life too, if any dispute occurred between husband and wife, the person uses black magic again.

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After a few years of marriage, she feels some unusual things in their day to day routines. This is the time of the end of the curse. All black magic activities and things made with the lady by the black magician (now her husband) are forced to come to the surface by the law of nature. But it was unknown to all the latest magic of life. This was the mystery for her too. She was terribly upset of all events, since all were happening internally in his soul, no one can understand what is happening. All doctors can not find the cure. One day, she cries and complained to the God of all events. Finally, she found her husband lost last the life of the saint. San healed completely the lady. He memorized all past lives and past life incidents.

All actions, events and experiences undischarged past lives are deposited in the form of undischarged energy in the energy centers (chakras). These experiences can be recovered and stored in the desire to only the Almighty God. This deposited energy is the main source of all these actions, motivations, acute illnesses, physical and mental disabilities and events.

teachings and sayings of enlightened souls do free of stress and anxiety and give both health and wealth, not only in this life but also life in the future.


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31 Life Tips Manu Smriti enjoy happiness

You came alone and only you. Only you are responsible for all their actions, not their soul mates. Therefore, always be careful with your thoughts as one day they will be your actions and you have to take responsibility for all actions voluntarily or involuntarily.


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