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What Is Laser Eye Surgery?

technology revolution is happening on a large scale in many areas, including the health sector. This time we will provide information about eye disabilities healing technology uses techniques of laser eye surgery.
Probably most people remain ignorant about this treatment technique eye. Some of these may have heard but do not know very well. This article helps you know what is “laser eye surgery” and some of the things associated with it.
Healing eye defects using laser eye surgery has been discussed aloud a lot of people since 2007 and has used its method of approximately 17.5 million people with eye defects. Actually making laser eye surgery?
What Is Laser Eye Surgery
compared with laser eye surgery daily work is similar to ours sanding an object, then in this case the process is applied as sanding cornea. This operation is not caused pain or lead to blindness. The process takes only about 20 minutes after surgery the patient, the patient will be immediately able to open his eyes.
In the time after the completion of the operation, usually in the first 6 hours the eye see a little fog and glare, this is a normal process . Later, after moving through it gradually improve and you will be able to see well and normal.
The risks that occur after surgery usually “under correction”, which is a lack of vision. For example, the eyes after surgery, and less 1-1.5 least 7 laps remaining half. And if it does, the doctor feels the patient’s eyesight could not make a return to normal.
The risk that could occur due to factors from the patient or incorrect eye recording device profile. There are several things that must be met for the patient before surgery, which should not be staying up late, not too long looking at display devices such as mobile phones and laptops, as well as the use of contact lenses.
Laser Eye Surgery

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Therefore, when the eyes tired, less can add and make the shape of the cornea is not natural. As a result, the eye recording device profile can not provide accurate data.
Therefore, doctors interview the patient before surgery. If the patient’s condition is stated tired eyes, then doctors advise patients to delay surgery.
Then you can turn less eye after eye surgery? It can happen if you can not maintain healthy eyes. However, based on the results of the study, up to 95 percent of patients undergoing LASIK said visual acuity returned to normal. Beware least 10, even capable of seeing clearly after laser eye surgery.
Well, after reading this article, maybe some of you decide to treat visual disorders using the technique of laser eye surgery. Prepare including mental care and financially for funding this eye treatment. first consult eye doctor to complete the valid information about laser eye surgery before taking medical measures in this regard. Hopefully your successful surgery!

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