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What is Disease and Why People Suffer from Disease

What is the disease

The disease can be described in various ways according to their type, cause, occurrence, person, etc. Not a single word that can be described simply however, is a word that can affect temporary or permanent form of health of the person in terms of body, mind, social status, been living and etc. Here I will describe the means of disease in my own views:

  • The disease is a bad state of health that affects health in many ways.
  • Disease is a condition that has the ability to disrupt healthy activities.
  • Disease is a condition that creates obstacles to normal habits of daily routine.
  • The disease is a condition that can disable a mental, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual person.

  • The disease is a condition that forces a person to become dependent on being independent.
  • Disease is a condition that spoils the mental, physical and social status of the person.
  • Disease is a condition showing abnormal activities of organs and body systems due to infection of pathogens, lack of proper nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, phytonutrients and etc), high level of some nutrients or compounds in the blood of the requirement of normality / day (cholesterol, glucose, uric acid, bile pigments, and etc.), environmental causes (flood, fire, electrical problem, tsunami, seasonal, and etc), psychological causes, social causes and hereditary causes (some diseases are transmitted free of charge to the following generations of parents and grandparents called hereditary).
  • The disease is an abnormal condition of the body that may affect only certain parts or the whole body of human being or animal and leave individual to realize the visibility of their presence by some specific symptoms and signs that obstruct the normal operation .
  • Disease may be caused at any time to anyone (who is weak and vulnerable) by some internal or external sources that lead to internal or external dysfunctions disability.
  • The disease is a more terrible condition for anyone suffering from the normal or accidental death, because it kills moral (spoil the common rights to live a normal life) of one person a day, while the true death kills only once.
  • The disease is a horrible disease that destroys true personality of an individual mentally, physically and socially, and forces the person to realize that he / she is not common, like everyone else and kills his / her interest in living life.

Why people suffer from the disease

As we discussed earlier about the reality of the word disease, here we would like to talk about the reasons for “Why do people suffer from the disease”

Any type of disease can strike a person at any time if it is a contagious or non-contagious disease type. communicable diseases is one that is infectious in nature and can be transmitted from one person to another very easily (the person with weak immune). noncommunicable diseases is one that is not infectious in nature and can not be transmitted from one person to another (limited to the person), however; noncommunicable diseases can be hereditary in nature that can move from the older generation to the next generations.

My motto discuss communicable and non-communicable diseases was only for people to realize that we’re not sure all our lives as diseases we can attack in any form and condition. We must be careful to take care of our physical health, as only individual body is completely responsible for his / her own health. It is very necessary to keep your eyes open at all times if we are sleeping or waking up. We must follow all safety aspects of body in our mind to be protected against these terrible diseases.

There is a good health care saying that “prevention is better than cure”, it is also according to this by saying that each person is responsible for his own / their evil or goodness. I have given below some points that justify the real reasons “Why do people suffer from the disease”

  • People who are not taking good care of your health in healthy or diseased conditions.
  • Now a day, skipping breakfast is a common reason for the occurrence of various diseases due to the lack of a good understanding of health and appropriate health advice because of the busy schedule and busy.
  • Overeating is a common reason to invite disease. In general, every mother has a tendency to finish the leftovers of their children (half-finished plate).
  • People are more prone to diseases that are accustomed to bad habits of drinking, smoking, chewing and snuff etc.
  • People who do not follow the natural discipline of health care means they are not doing their daily routine of getting up early in the morning, fresh activities, adequate bathroom, physical exercises, first food, right time eating, drinking water, time and so many bed early.
  • People who do not sleep in the proper and comfortable bed, at the right time for adequate sleep, sound sleep means, without the stress and anxiety.
  • People who lost in the crowd of this world and forget their real need to live a healthy life.
  • People who do not enjoy the beauty of nature and do not have their own goal or dream.
  • People who think negatively more stressed therefore very vulnerable to disease.
  • People who eat more in less time so quickly without chewing properly because of a bad habit or lack of proper time.
  • People who are not following the correct posture of sitting, standing or sleeping while working in the office or at home.
  • People who do not wear proper clothing or other things like shoes, sandals, underwear, etc.
  • People who do not take care of their body like the skin, eyes, ears, hair, teeth, feet, private parts, nails, etc.
  • People who are not taking adequate and healthy diet means protein diet, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and phytonutrients.
  • People who eat an unhealthy diet diet means lack of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, milk, cooked food and etc
  • People who do not go to the doctor in the early stages before they are uncomfortable or unhealthy for a diagnosis and appropriate treatment for the disease right.
  • People who ignore their bad habits and the emergence of common health disorders on several occasions.
  • People who do not adapt to the conditions in accordance with the requirement.
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